Sailor’s King Of Pens RYOKKYO Green Echo – Inspired By The Everlasting Beauty Of Mother Nature

It’s no secret that some of the most spectacular natural wonders are found in Japan and globetrotters from all over the world visit it every season to feast their eyes on the magical sceneries. From the mighty Mount Fuji, towering majestically through the misty veil of an autumn morning to the lavish spectacle orchestrated by the cherry blossoms in the Hirosaki Park, the Land of The Rising Sun is simply magnificent. In today’s article I’m going to introduce you to Sailor’s King of Pens RYOKKYO Green Echo, whose unique pattern has been inspired by the picturesque setting of Mishyaka pond.

The Mishyaka Pond is a jewel of nature nestled in the forests of Chino City, Nagano Prefecture providing a wonderful spectacle of perfect symmetry from spring to winter. The area is not so easily accessible, but once there, visitors can spend countless hours enjoying the soothing scene of the trees reflecting in the crystal clear water. 

Sailor found this magical scenery so inspiring as they recreated it on the Ryokkyo Green Echo, so users can admire its beauty every time they pick up the pen to write. To be honest, I think I could just put it on display on my desk and stare at it for hours as it is simply a feast for the eyes.

Besides the unique patterning, the pen stands out for its Naginata Togi 21k gold nib, which is masterfully ground by Sailor’s craftsmen using a special technique. The ebonite barrel ensures comfortable handling, in perfect harmony with the nib, which glides just as smoothly across the paper. To complement the bicolor nib, the metal parts are also gold-plated.

Sailor produced this limited edition in only 400 numbered copies worldwide, which are offered in a special package along with a 50 ml black ink bottle, a gold ink converter as well as two ink cartridges and a cleaning cloth.

Price: € 1.900

For more information about this limited edition, get in touch with your local authorised retailers or contact Sailor at [email protected]

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  1. Wish they had done rhodium trim to reflect the silver of the trees! But a pretty material

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