Break The Monotony On Your Desk With These Colourful Pens

There is a pervasive idea that the fountain pen world is stuffy. While the classic image of a pen may be used by a businessman or banker, usually in black with gold trim, that’s far from the reality of today’s market. Today, there is a robust industry full of vibrant colors and unusual patterns just waiting to be discovered.

Like a wardrobe, a fountain pen collection should be a balance between neutrals and more fun, colorful pieces. Otherwise, you’re going to be bored pretty soon. Color adds depth to your collection and can spark the imagination sometimes more than, say, a simple navy pen could.

With this in mind, here are our 5 top picks to break the monotony on your desk.

Sailor Pro Gear Fountain Pen in Blue Train

Part of Sailor’s Cocktail collection, Blue Train is a two-tone light blue and turquoise pen that isn’t too flashy, but very much has a presence on one’s desk. It’s a Pro Gear, so you are getting a substantial pen in your hand while not sacrificing on style. A pen like this is the perfect accent piece in a collection of dark blues, showing the array of colors that are available while not getting set in one scheme for too long.

Photo credit: gouletpens.com

Montegrappa Mia in Spice Explosion

In everything they do, Montegrappa has perfected style and quality. The classic Mia model, here in Spice Explosion, shows this. It’s a warm blend of yellows, browns, and oranges that speak to the autumnal weather ahead of us. If you want a pen to keep in your pocket for long walks in the park, this may be your best pick.

Otto Hutt design06 in Red

The design06 model has a natural form that fits well in the writer’s hand, which couples nicely with the overall weight of the metal pen, making for a pleasant overall experience. If you’re looking for a masculine pen that’s still a little vibrant, I would suggest going with a 06 in Red, giving you a flash of color that’s, somehow, not too overwhelming.

Maiora Aventus Fountain Pen in Deep Purple

There is something so satisfying about this Deep Purple pen by Maiora. A brand that sometimes is overlooked, Maiora continues to produce high quality options for those looking for an every day pen. With gold trimming and a #6 nib by Jowo, it’s surely a great option – and doubly so in this lovely shade of purple.

Photo credit: gouletpens.com

Graf von Faber-Castell Fountain Pen Guilloche in Burned Orange

This pen is reminiscent of the infamous French luxury brand, Hermes, and for that, I love it. The detailed guilloche on the barrel has an almost leather-like appeal to it and the burned orange adds a refined touch to an otherwise subtle design. This is a pen you’d be happy to pick up anytime you need to jot a few notes down – and feel inspired doing so.

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