Samuel Naldi Compares Sailor KOP Urushi & Namiki No. 20 In His Latest Youtube Video

Whenever people think of Japanese pens, I’m pretty sure Sailor and Namiki are among the brands that always spring to mind and no wonder why if we look at their history, experience in the field and the exceptional writing instruments they produce. While it’s hard to say that Sailor is better than Namiki or vice versa, it’s cool to compare pens of different brands. Samuel took 2 iconic pens for which both brands are known and compared them in his latest YouTube video trying to figure out which one is better. 

You might find such comparisons subjective, but personally I think they are quite useful, even more so for those who are not yet sure what their next pen will be. So before I drop the link to his video, I’d like to briefly cover what you’re about to watch. To start off, there will be a comparison between two fairly similar models which won’t be easy as we’re talking about Sailor King of Pens Urushi in black and Namiki No. 20 (known as Yukari Royale) also coated in black Urushi lacquer. As they both come from the same region, these pens share similar minimalist, typically Japanese aesthetics, but design-wise they are quite different.

You know what, you better watch the video, it’s much more interesting. If you open the article on your phone, you probably won’t see the video embedded in the article, so click here to get to it.

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