Scribo Feel Collection Expands With 2 New Models

To the delight of their fans, Scribo has recently developed 2 new models that have been launched as part of the FEEL collection. The new additions ‘Graniglia’ and ‘Verde Antico’ come to freshen up the current selection and offer some diversity to the users. 

For the design of these pens, Scribo went back to the late 19th century, taking inspiration from the material effects and colours of that period. The FEEL Graniglia proves that beauty lies in simplicity. If we look at its origin, Graniglia is nothing but a generic name for stones or other substances reduced to small fragments used in industry. In fact, at the time it was a method of avoiding waste and this was one of the first materials created through the recycling of marble and stone processing waste (bound with cement and colored with natural oxides and mixed with water).

Today, this material’s beauty and uniqueness is cherished both in Italy and around the world being used in various design projects from floors to decorative objects, including Scribo’s latest creation. To create the new FEEL Graniglia, Scribo chose to blend shades of grey, blue, brown and green in a beautiful marbled pattern. 

For the other version, “Verde Antico”, Scribo turned to green, a color that was widely used in paintings, ceramics and glass during the same historical period. To get this subtle shade of green, blue was combined with desaturated yellow and a bit of grey. Since green is often thought to evoke calm and serenity, this pen is nothing but a totem that will bring you peace wherever you take it.

Both versions are available in 219 copies with platinum trim and any of the available Scribo nibs with prices starting from €606.

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