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The Best 3 Releases of Sailor for 2022

Sailor is one of those pen companies which continually improve their products not just visually but through technical precision as well. This was evident in 2022 when we were able to see a wide spectrum of beautiful novelties from the brand that showcase their heritage while being fitted for a modern pen user.

Keep reading to find our top three pens from Sailor for 2022.

Sailor Wabi-Sabi II

The Sailor Wabi-Sabi II is a pen that shows a dedication to craftsmanship and the storytelling of a brand that has an intrinsic appreciation for their Japanese values and heritage. One such concept is Wabi-Sabi, which is valuing the imperfections of life.

The Wabi-Sabi II does just that in a beautiful, conceptual way. Now, no one is saying the Wabi-Sabi is “flawed” – everything from Sailor is supremely beautiful – but there is the layer of admission that the ebonite exterior and urushi coating on the barrel has a natural texture that has a certain rusticism to it that very much encapsulates the spirit of embracing the balance between perfection and imperfection.

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The Wabi-Sabi II was released this year in green and red, each on a limited run of 88 pieces. These were fitted with medium and broad 21-carat nibs, which (given their being Japanese nib) are a perfect option for Western writers who are accustomed to fine and mediums. The pen can be found for $2,175 at various retailers.

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Sailor King of Pens Iro-Miyabi Urushi

To make a beautiful pen, one must understand patience. And no pen has shown us this in their production more than the Iro-Miyabi Urushi KOP by Sailor. With its detailed lacquering process, each pen can take months to create.

The Iro-Miyabi is an exceptional pen that looks to the natural world to create an extraordinary pen. Utilizing an ebonite base on a cigar-shaped design, the pen is first elevated using a lacquering technique called Ishime-nuri, which is a process which enables the surface of the lacquer to have a roughened finish like that of stones. Additional layers of protective coatings and lacquer are added and each pen can take months to finally be added to market, making it an exercise not just in beauty, but in patience.

The Iro-Miyabi KOP line pulls from natural elements for a variety of colors, such as a beige-white and green. The pens are fitted with a 21-karat nib that’s familiar for most pens in the KOP line-up. These pens are still available for the discerning collector at many fine retailers for around $1,800.

Sailor King of Pens Ryokkyo Green

The varied geography of the Japanese archipelago makes it one of the most exciting and inspiring locations on earth. With Sailor, they have looked to their own proverbial backyard and found the beautiful Mishyaka Pond for inspiration. Located outside Chino City, in the Nagano Prefecture, this area is a pristine area where the reflection of the clear water provides a look of symmetry throughout the seasons.

Not being easily accessible to the average hiker, the Mishyaka Pond is that much more precious and we are happy to see Sailor preserving its natural beauty in their own way through the Ryokko Green KOP release. You can see that, through the unique pattern throughout the barrel, the balance of greens and blues are reminiscent of the forested area while not being too literal. Sailor has the unique ability to use Mother Nature as a muse all the while putting their own unique perspective on each product.

The Ryokko Green KOP is a naginata nib, making it an exceptional writing experience outside of the standard Fine – Broad options. To complement the bicolored barrel, the nib, too, features both gold and silver. With only 400 pieces in this collection, production is a bit limited. But you can still find it at some retailers for around $2,620 USD.

This is just a small sampling of what Sailor was able to accomplish in 2022 and we are, as always, thrilled to see what the future holds for the brand. With its ingenuity and devotion to a pace of life that appreciates the natural world and the beauty of life, we know that 2023 will be a year full of releases which not only enhance the brand, but showcase the heritage of Sailor exquisitely. So, of course, it begs the question: What can we expect from the brand in 2023? It’s anyone’s guess, but I am thrilled to find out!

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  1. I own a Sailor Naginata Togi broad nib it’s a dream writer. Juicy, flawless and with great variety of thickness in writing according to the angle at which the pen is held.

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