5 Pens To Take With You To A Chalet This Winter

Hot cocoa. A cozy blanket. A roaring fire. A stiff drink after a day on the slopes. However you envision your winter holiday, nothing beats the backdrop of a chalet in the mountains. With its classic design and comfortable decor, a chalet is the perfect place to spend a few days of your holiday to regroup before the New Year.

While you’re there, you may want to spend some time with a nice glass of scotch and your journal, outlining your New Year’s Resolutions. If that sounds like it’s in your plans for an upcoming trip, then we have five pens that are perfect accompaniments for you.

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Aurora Borealis ($267)

Starting with a wintery pen, Sailor has perfectly replicated the natural wonder of the Northern Lights in their Pro Gear model. We previously wrote about this pen’s launch and we are still marveling at the clean color choices and subtle beauty of this pen that would sit handsomely on any chalet’s desk.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Glacier Solitaire ($1,915)

Nothing stirs your adventurous spirit better than Montblanc’s latest Glacier collection. Inspired by the mystical glaciers of Mont Blanc, this is the perfect companion for this winter holiday season. Not only is it covered in a beautiful translucent blue lacquer reminiscent of the snow on the peaks of Mont Blanc, but it also features some special engravings symbolizing the geometric refractions of ice crystals. 

Montegrappa Mia – Flaming Heart (€350)

A proper chalet is a warm, comfortable mountainside cottage and the coziness can be attributed to an inviting fireplace. The streaks of red and orange in the Montegrapphite here really embody the hearth itself, in a handsomely done silhouette.

Pilot Custom Urushi ($1,400)

The lacquering technique of urushi goes through many iterations of artisanal design that creates a beautiful end product. This dedication to slowing down is especially important around the holidays and one can really honor this time with a pen that itself embodies this philosophy.

Sailor Pro Gear – Gin Cocktail ($312)

Part of the fun of a wintertime holiday is treating yourself to the bar cart throughout the day. A gin cocktail can really warm you up after spending a few hours out in the cold and Sailor has created a pen which nods at one’s drink of choice while still being an exceptionally made pen that’s perfect for any journaler looking for a fun color to treat themselves to this Christmas.

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    I would take a Leonardo Japanese ebonite.

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