The Jacob & Co. “The Godfather” Pen is an Offer You Can’t Refuse

Not a name often mentioned on Inkstable, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t following the beautiful work that comes from famed jeweler Jacob Arabo at Jacob & Co. Take, for instance, their iteration of the classic 1972 film The Godfather in pen form.

Available in black rollerball (selling for €10,000) or red fountain pen (€11,000), this pen’s construction is just as Oscar-worthy as its namesake.

Each pen is manufactured from a celluloid barrel fitted with premium metal trims, including rose gold plating over sterling silver. Throughout the pen there are a series of motifs that pay homage to the pen: the film’s iconic logo, the equally recognized red rose on the clip, and the top of the cap which cleverly recalls a revolver barrel. 

This collection is not a simple recreation of a film, but an homage to the cinematic brilliance and the legacy that The Godfather created 50 years ago. From Brando’s performance to the psychological insight into the crime family’s inner workings, Jacob & Co’s ability to at once craft an exquisite pen and equally draw us into the Corleone world through the detailing of this pen that’s well worth its large price tag. 

For the cinephile or gentleman alike, this pen will surely be something treasured for years to come. With only 499 per pen in production, it likely will sell out, given the work of Jacob & Co. and the fanfare that exists around The Godfather nearly half a century later. Get yours before it’s gone – that’s an offer you can’t refuse.

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