The success of the Montblanc Meisterstück – an open secret

One of the most used words in today’s item descriptions, I would rather say often abused, is iconic. Per definition, an icon is something that is immediately recognizable visually. In the modern world, icons are used to replace words. For example the magnifying glass has become a universal symbol for the search function on every possible operating system. This universal recognizability defines the real icons. This is why iconic products are so incredibly requested. A short analyze of why the Montblanc Meisterstück has been so successful.

I don’t want to bore you with cheap economics lessons but the success of a product is defined by its commercial longevity. In other words, if I can sell a product for a long enough period of time to amortise the development costs, then the product has been a success. If I can then make the product so desirable that market demand exceeds my production capacity, well, there you have it. With these ingredients the market value of the product remains stable or even increases. And this increases the demand for it, creating a virtuous circle. Talking about commercial longevity, I think that only very few products can compete with the Montblanc Meisterstück. Introduced, as you maybe remember from our post about Montblanc’s heritage, in 1924, it will soon celebrate it’s centenary. A century of elegance, solidity and style.

The ingredients of success

As we have talked about the definition of success, one of the secrets behind a successful product is the simplicity of the design, closely linked to functionality without compromise. The Meisterstück unites these 2 attributes excellently. All the Meisterstück, from the very tiny Mozart to the cigar size 149, are very pleasantly balanced, have a timeless design and are writing so smoothly thanks to the quality of the nib. All rigorously in gold, 14ct of 18ct and manufactured in Hamburg. However, even though the Meisterstück has it’s actual design since decades, we never get tired of it. But this is also due to the innumerable variations created during the years.

For every taste

As stated in our post about the Meisterstück compared to the Porsche 911, another immortal product that seems to get more successful with every generation, one of the ingredients behind the success is the variety of models available for every taste. Model with gems, precious metals, in vivid colors and innovative materials. The Montblanc Meisterstück has an answer to every demand. Even the very recent variation called “Around the world in 80 days” or the “Petit Prince” are so relevant and compelling. Only few other items can boast all these attributes over this long period of time. One has already be mentioned, the Porsche 911. But we could mention the Rolex Submariner or the Burberry Trench as well as the Aviator from Ray-Ban. They have been always updated, improved and refined during their lifecycle. But the substance remains always the same. Because it doesn’t needs to be changed. It’s already almost perfect.

All these factors determine the success of the Montblanc Meisterstück and will probably define it for many years to come. Are you ready for the 100 years edition coming in a couple of years? I can’t wait for it.


Image credits: Montblanc, Porsche, Luxottica, Rolex


  1. George Asis Fiad

    These pens are a combination of excellence in design, combined with beauty and excellent functionality. Every time I pick up a MB 149, I feel the combination of all the above mentioned ingredients in this timeless piece of art, jewelry and functional design all wrapped in one.

  2. Anthony Napolitano

    Love my Montblanc writing instruments every time I use them.

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