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Charlie Watts – A drummer like no other

The world has lost another Star. Words are not enough to describe the sadness we all feel about this unfortunate event and we would like to express our condolences to the artist’s family. Charlie Watts, best known as the drummer of the Rolling Stones, was not just an icon of Rock & Roll and R&B as many of us knew him, but he was also recognised as one of the world’s best dressed men of all times. 

Any Rolling Stones fan knows that Charlie Watts was the Engine of the band for more than Half a Century. He was one of the band’s longest serving members, putting his energy and drumming skills into many of the Rolling Stones’ hits such as “Start me up”, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” “Sympathy for the Devil”, “Paint It, Black”, “Honky Tonk Women” to mention only a few of the best drumming moments performed by the member of the British band. But before we go any further, we kindly suggest you to open your favourite music streaming service and listen to one of these songs in Charlie Watts’ memory. 

Besides his drumming skills, he will always be remembered for his impeccable style as well as his modesty and dedication to the band. There are many concerts of the Rolling Stones that have been recorded over the years. If you watch them, you’ll notice Charlie Watts’ unique style: wide peak lapel jackets worn with high collar shirts, jackets combined with t-shirts or even plain t-shirts – a truly unmistakable style. 

We’re pretty sure that Charlie Watts, along with his remarkable style, will be remembered forever. More than that, as many legends of music have been honoured by pen manufacturers through Special Editions (see Montegrappa’s David Bowie BlackStar, as well as Montblanc’s limited edition pens in the memory of John Lennon), we might expect to see the British drummer celebrated by one of the giants of the pen industry, because there will be no one else like Charlie Watts.

Rest in peace, Legend! 

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