The Understated Elegance of Graf von Faber-Castell’s Classic

For a company to survive, many people think they must continue to innovate in remarkable and sometimes outrageous ways. For Graf von Faber-Castell, the opposite approach was taken. Since 1761, the German brand has stuck to a principle of Luxury in Simplicity that has influenced their products ever since.

While many people may be familiar with the Faber-Castell name, it’s their flagship Classic fountain pen model which has an understated elegance that has given the brand an almost cult-like following. Made of a mixture of wood and stainless steel, the Classic series is able to mix natural earthy elements with the industrious strength of German engineering. Few pens can balance seemingly contrasting ideals so well – but Graf von Faber-Castell succeeds, and has for nearly two decades.

There are many fine points of the Classic and each one has given it a bit of panache within the pen industry globally. Very few pens perform (or, for that matter, even look) like a Graf von Faber-Castell as they have made the hallmarks of their brand a set of distinguishing features that showcase the best of German quality and performance.

Take, first, the wooden body of these pens. Made from pernambuco, ebony, macassar or grenadilla wood in varying colors, the Classic has a bold rustic simplicity to the overall shape and color. Small details such as their signature fluting and the natural patina of wood give each individual pen a personality.

Contrasting the wood is the hardware of this pen. Either platinum-plated or 925 sterling silver offers an extraordinary shine that sparkles against the natural tones of the pen itself. Many reviewers comment on the quality of Graf von Faber-Castell’s nibs and spring-loaded clip, and who are we to disagree? They have had over 250 years to perfect this pen and they are doing it swimmingly.

Finally, the writing experience is undoubtedly a testament to the understated elegance of the pen. For starters, this slender pen has a great balance with or without posting the cap, giving a precise equilibrium for any pen user. Further to that, the ink settled on the tip of the nib in a smooth well, which makes starting and stopping a breeze while not flooding the nib between words or sentences. It really is a pen made for fountain pen lovers and a testament to the continued knowledge Graf von Faber-Castell invests in their products. 

With a philosophy like “Luxury in Simplicity” one may think this is another cheap slogan to throw on a box, but it is a philosophy that Graf von Faber-Castell truly lives by. The Classic series holds up against many competitors in the field while still maintaining true to the understated elegance that has made it a household name and a series unto itself. 

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