There Is No Better Time To Write a Greeting Card Than Now

The festive season is just around the corner, and amidst gifts, cakes, hot chocolate and gingerbread, it’s a perfect time to write a greeting card to your loved ones. For now, let’s forget about emails and grab a fancy card, a fountain pen and some ink and write a few heartfelt greetings. 

I’ve always found writing a card to be a very intimate act that not only requires more time, but also more consideration. From choosing the right card design or the appropriate ink color to finding the right words for each recipient, it’s certainly something noble you won’t find in any e-mail. If you lack inspiration or simply don’t know what festive card to choose, take a look at our selection here.

Now that you have the card, go get that pen you are so fond of. You may be wondering why… well, because it will get the most out of your cards! You’ll notice how flawless your penmanship will look and how naturally your handwriting will come out. If you’re fortunate enough to have a fountain pen with a calligraphy nib in your arsenal, then you can get creative and impress your recipient even more. 

Choosing the right ink doesn’t get any easier either, but any festive colour will do! Of course, you can safely go with royal blue, but why would you on such a lovely occasion? I like not only the message but also the font colour to be unique which is why I always have special inks ready for such occasions. Lately I’ve been fascinated by Cartier’s burgundy ink, which I use for most of my letters.

Last but not least, the greetings, which must be chosen carefully. And while the internet is full of “inspiration”, this is a moment to be original, so take the time to find the most heartfelt thoughts for your recipient.

Don’t forget the envelope and seal everything with wax.

Tell us in the comments section how many greeting cards are you going to write this year! 

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