Visconti Divina Elegance

Visconti’s Florentine heritage has often dictated the pens’ models. With its close ties to the art boom of the Renaissance period, Florence has been a creative and artistic mecca for centuries. It is no wonder, then, that Visconti’s pens often have an elevated elegance to them.

What people may not realize about art – really good art – is that it’s a very mathematical process. Has anyone ever looked at da Vinci’s notebooks? They’re full of sketches and calculations and ratios. One such ratio is called the Fibonacci sequence which, when put into use, tells the “golden ratio” of scale for art. It’s also found in nature – a pinecone, pineapple, and artichoke all follow the golden ratio when flowering. It is not only a pleasing ratio when put into use, but there seems to be some divine metric which dictates much of the world around us and art simply interprets this divinity.

Visconti was thinking the same thing with their Divina Elegance release, a beautiful pen that uses the golden ratio, the Fibonacci nautilus, and the pentagram (all symbols utilized by Renaissance painters, and specifically da Vinci) to create a premier product. It is this ingenuity that shows Visconti’s dedication to thinking outside of the box and creating something that has the technical precision of a luxury company while still having the feel of a smaller artisan brand.

The Divina Elegance’s silver inlay follows the sequential parameters of the Fibonacci nautilus, giving it a curved shape that’s at once intriguing and pleasing to the eye, while also being a comfortable fit for the hand. The body is a resin, giving it some lightness, while the silver adds a pleasant depth to the decoration and weight of the pen. 

While we know that da Vinci wrote in a variety of mediums and particularly his signature red pencil, we can say with confidence he, too, would have been impressed with the level of art and precision that has gone into the Divina Elegance. It is currently available in ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pen with prices starting at 550 Euros.

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