Use A Pen On Purpose

Digitalisation encouraged so many people to give up handwriting altogether, which automatically led to a disinterest in beautiful, well-made pens. When there is such a massive and global change of habits, some products are slowly disappearing. If we take a look at the large-scale consumer, this is exactly what happened with the item we love so much. On the other hand, the overuse of digital devices has caused a large number of people to reconsider analogue writing, now one of the healthiest refuges according to studies. In this article we’re going to discover what means to use a pen “on purpose” and why it’s good.

I came to the term “use a pen on purpose“ when people told me: “oh, you know Sam, I have everything on my iPad and when I need to write something by hand I just grab any pen at hand”. Let’s put it this way, they would probably take home the Hotel pen having it on the desk for a while, eventually without the clip that will break with time. Maybe they’ll take a basic BIC pen with them to the office. Needless to say, I roll my eyes with sympathy whenever I receive such comments.

Perhaps the industry could have communicated a little better about writing tools, generating more awareness and making the digitally engaged generation a little more curious. Maybe that way people would think differently about writing instruments and treat them with more consideration. 

But it’s time to change this perception of these items and take the industry to new heights, which is why we’ve been working on creating awareness through our online magazine inkstable.com or instagram accounts like @penstatement or @the.scribe.co.

The thing is, when it comes to writing, we have such little occasion to write down things by hand in our daily lives that when it comes to this we should truly cherish the moment, giving it the importance it deserves. That’s pretty much what I mean when I say “use a pen on purpose”. It means that if the moments when we write by hand are very few anyway, we should at least give them meaning by going to the next stationery store, picking up a pen that writes a certain way and allows us to feel a certain way.

And believe me, a beautiful and well-made rollerball pen or fountain pen can make one feel truly special, more engaged and inspired. We also sometimes forget how important handwriting is for our brains. Sensory experiences that create contacts between different parts of the brain while writing.

Now, imagine yourself being at your desk, at office, in front of your computer, and suddenly you get a phone call and you have to write down something. On your right (or your left if you’re left handed), you have a notebook.There are two ways to approach everyday life at the office in this regard. Either you use an elco notebook with a plastic pen and write things down without giving it too much importance, or you use a 90gr quality paper notebook and a well-made pen that gives you a certain vibe every time you pick it up.

Personally, I think that it is a little something that adds some sparkle to our life, and gives handwriting, jotting, sketching a whole new meaning and reason to exist. Yes, using premium stationery is uplifting for our daily lives and even quite affordable compared to premium clothes, premium cars or premium watches. When you go home, you want to have a nice, comfortable house, with items and furnishings you’ve chosen on purpose. When you dress up for an important meeting, you do it on purpose. When you choose your mode of transport, you do it on purpose.

That’s exactly how it should be when it comes to your stationery. It is part of your everyday environment for at least eight hours a day. Why wouldn’t you surround yourself with beauty?

Surely there is no reason for this other than the simple fact that we never thought about it.

Therefore, if you haven’t already, go out there and purposely pick up a pen and start experiencing the joy of writing with a quality writing instrument on quality paper. It will change your life.


  1. Yes indeed- the art of good handwriting is so overtaken by the keyboard- thanks for reminding us to revive it- most of all amongst our children & grandkids

  2. Navjot Singh Gill

    When I was in college (1968-72),i used a Sheaffers “Snorkel”Fountain Pen,18K( or 14k, not sure),Gold nib& cap etc.I still have this pen in my possession!

  3. K.G.Ananda Rao

    I have enjoyed the pleasure of writing with a fountain pen-written shorthand for nearly fifty years, including 34 years in a State Judiciary and about 15 years in association with advocates with fountain pens of different brands and finally ended up with all steel Japan Pilot fountain pen.

  4. Loved this— even as I am a celebrated IT engineer. Let’s enjoy the small, time-tested pleasures of life.

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