Brief Summary Of The New Otto Hutt Models To Be Launched In October

We can already agree that 2022 was a brilliant year for pen enthusiasts. With launches such as the impressive Montblanc Patron of Art dedicated to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the latest addition to Montegrappa’s Dante Alighieri trilogy or perhaps Sailor’s Wabi-Sabi II taking the idea of embracing imperfection further, we feasted our eyes on some spectacular pens. However, the year hasn’t come to an end yet. The German manufacturer Otto Hutt is expected to release three new models at the beginning of October. Let’s have a quick glance at what’s to be released then! 

Over the years Otto Hutt has earned a reputation for its functional pens whose clean aesthetics and German quality have won over many users. Not only has the German brand remained faithful to its simple principles, it also continues to innovate and expand its current series. Not long ago they added a new edition to the design07 series and another one is coming soon.

Entirely covered in black with a very bold look, the design07 Allblack is sure to make a splash in the pen industry. In terms of design, the new model will retain the vertical guilloche from the original design.

Moving on to design08, which has also undergone some chromatic changes, much to the delight of fans hoping for a little more diversity in shades. The design developed and made famous by Star Designer Mark Braun is expected in black and gold and as far as we can tell, both versions look astonishing. If the grey design has been a little understated for some, the bold colours of the new versions will certainly make the design08 stand out.

Now, who is looking forward to the new Otto Hutt models? 

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