Visconti Pays Homage To Lorenzo de Medici With The New Il Magnifico Egyptian Marble

As a brand with Florentine roots, Visconti has always shown deep respect for the local figures who shaped the world, such as Lorenzo de Medici – the patron of Renaissance culture in Italy. Among the numerous editions launched over the years is ‘Egyptian Marble’ – the latest to complete the ‘Il Magnificio’ collection. 

As an homage to Lorenzo de Medici, the pen is inspired by and captures the pinnacle of the Renaissance period, with an Egyptian yellow marble on the pen – an exotic material largely used by artisans at the time as well as other motifs specific to the ruler of the Florentine Republic, such as the Lily of Florence – the symbol of the Medici ruler’s coat of arms.

Now, let’s get to the pen. This edition retains the same octagonal shape as before, and while red or green marble was found in previous editions, this time Visconti has taken inspiration from the spectacular Egyptian yellow marble specifically selected for the barrel of the pen, which is quite impressive given that it’s one of the few brands to use real marble on their pens. Bronze was used for the cap, grip and the end of the barrel, a material that best complements the golden yellow hues of the marble.

As mentioned above, the symbol of the Medici ruler’s coat of arms – the Lily of Florence – is present on the bronze parts as fine engravings giving this edition even more meaning. In the same chromatic, and made of 18k gold, the nib adorned with the Visconti logo crowns the tip of the pen. 

There are only 188 of this edition available worldwide with prices starting from 1.900,00 € for the Rollerball Pen and 2.100,00 € for the Fountain Pen. Get yours here.

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