SCRIBO Adds Three New Editions To The PIUMA Collection

I’ve always appreciated a brand that takes its launches seriously and nothing else gives me a feeling of quality than a well curated collection. When it comes to that, SCRIBO is one of the manufacturers I have in mind that really thinks their launches through, even though they don’t launch as much as other brands in the industry. To everyone’s delight, the Bologna-based brand recently added three new editions to the PIUMA collection taking the company one step further in the pen industry.

Coming on the same PIUMA chassis in spectacular shades of blue, purple and orange the three editions are handcrafted from high quality resin and are inspired by Agate, Carnelian and Amethyst stones and their symbolism. 

At first glance, it looks like we are dealing with three colourful and admittedly beautiful editions, but there is more to them than meets the eye as each edition has a meaning for its future owner like the PIUMA Agate that inspires a sense of inner well-being (the agate being considered ‘the stone of magic that brings calm and peace’).

To harmoniously complement their shades, the clip and metal components of the Agata and Amethyst editions are plated with yellow gold, while those of the Corniola version are plated with platinum, a small but quite significant detail that further enhances the look of the pens.

Nothing new under the sun, each pen comes equipped with the famous 18k Scribo nibs ranging from EEF to BB or 14k flex nibs ranging from EF to B (much praised for their performance onto paper). I cannot fail to mention that each nib features an ebonite feeder that facilitates a more optimal ink flow. 

No, let’s get to the interesting part: how many of these pieces were produced you may wonder. Well, no less than 219 pieces of each edition worldwide, making these gems quite precious I’d say. Prices start from €475,41.

For more details about these new versions click here.

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