Visconti Woodstock Collection – Relive The Good Old Days Of The ’60s

Most of you weren’t born at the time, but it’s almost impossible not to have heard or read about Woodstock, as it was probably one of the most famous rock festivals of the 1960s. Often referred to as the pinnacle of the hippie dream, the iconic festival has shaped culture to this day and it still resonates more than half a century later. And even if today’s music festivals strive to recreate that psychedelic atmosphere, I still wonder, will there ever be another Woodstock festival like the one in 1969?

Among the artists and bands who performed in front of nearly half a million people during those “Three Days of Peace and Music” were Jimi Hendrix, Sky and the Family Stone, The Who, Janis Joplin and Santana, to name a few. And despite the unfriendly weather, attendees enjoyed the atmosphere to the fullest and the whole festival turned out to be a great success.

For nostalgics but also to pay homage to Woodstock, Visconti has designed a collection in vivid hues inspired by the psychedelic colours of the legendary festival that are sure to take you back in time for a few moments…

Consisting of 9 different versions, the collection evokes a certain hippie vibe enhanced by bold colours and unique patterns with a kaleidoscopic effect. Each version has been given a name that refers to the psychedelic art movement and is reminiscent of the revolutionary political, social and spiritual ideals that filled the minds of young people at the time.

In addition to the colourful look, each pen features a “WOODSTOCK” engraving on the cap ring, with the peace sign replacing the O’s, a cool and very ingenious detail to celebrate the festival. To the delight of discerning pen enthusiasts and collectors, the pens are fitted with a 14k gold nib that is available in EF, F, M, B and S and a piston filling mechanism.

From “Orange Sunshine” to “Love & Mud”, there’s a colourful version for every taste. Discover them all on Visconti’s website and choose your favourite. Each pen is priced at 740,00 €.

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