What’s In My Bag

Over the last year, life has sped up for me. I’m writing more regularly, drawing here and there, and recently got a book deal. All of this means that I had to rent an office in a nearby time and I am left carrying my bag back and forth between my two desks.

My bag is nothing special – a red canvas tote from Paris that can fit nearly anything I need to carry: including three computers, an iPad, some magazines, a book or two, and all the various things I lug around in a day. Try as I might to consolidate, I usually fail miserably.

But there are a few items that I take with me wherever I go and are always in my bag. I’m happy to share some of my favorite products here.

Dr. Bronner Lip Balm (link)

A great all-around brand, Dr. Bronner’s lip balm has a great coverage and uses botanical oils to add a bit of fragrance and added moisturizing. I buy in bulk and usually have five or six lying about.

Esterbrook Tortoise Estie Rollerball (fitted with a fineliner refill) (link)

This pen recently replaced my Sailor I was using for a few months. I wanted to try something a bit differently and found out I can use a fineliner refill on Esterbook’s rollerball, so I’m giving it a shot. I love this pen for its weight and balance and enjoy a cigar shape that’s not too bulky. The classic color combo is a hit for me, too.

Hobonichi Techo (link )+ Galen A6 Cover (link)

Right now, I’m using a Hobonichi Techo as my go-to planner. I always need to write something down, with all of my various deadlines and assignments and whatnot. The Hobonichi has a paper quality I really enjoy and doesn’t have too much bulk. The Japanese is a nice touch for me, too. I use my favorite leather brand company, Galen, for the cover.

Galen Everyday Notebook (link) with A5 Cover (link)

A5 is my all-time favorite paper size and so I stocked up on these notebooks when they came out. They use Tomoe River paper, so they’re perfect for all my various doodling. The A5 cover is an untreated natural leather, as I want it see the patina throughout the years. I usually have a few business cards tucked into the back to keep on-hand. You never know when you need one.

Persol Steve McQueens (link)

These are the only sunglasses I wear anymore. The Italian brand meets American cool and they’re the perfect shape and weight for all day wear.

Seiko 5 Automatic 

I got this watch a while ago and it needs a bit of cleaning and a tune-up, so it’s currently in my bag to take to my jeweler the next time I am in town.

Brass Zippo Lighter (link)

While I no longer smoke regularly, carrying around a lighter and flicking it mindlessly when I am lost in thought was also a habit I formed. Nothing beats a classic Zippo with its vintage design and the brass finishing complements everything.

Kindle Paperwhite (link)

I am an avid reader and average about 40 books a year, so my Kindle is the easiest way to transport whatever it is I’m reading from point A to point B. I’m a big fan of the Paperwhite for its backlit feature for reading before bed, but also for being able to read outdoors without the sun’s glare obscuring the text.

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  1. Gihan Zohdy

    Good quality stationary are essential in order to avoid setbacks when in need of them. This is always enhanced when the pen makes a statement and is a sign of good taste. I have various brands in my arsenal but my bag always has its Parker in silver/gold colour scheme.

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