The Last Batch of the Chronoswiss Styloscope by Pelikan Has Been Found

Enthusiasts and collectors have yet another reason to rejoice as the last batch containing 88 pieces of the famous Chronoswiss Styloscope designed by Pelikan in 2002 has been found in the basement of Chronoswiss, in Lucerne. Today, 20 years after its release, you still have a chance to get your hands on copy of the iconic Styloscope as all 88 pieces will be put up for sale. 

For any watch enthusiast, Chronoswiss is a reference point, but if you’re new to this field it may not ring a bell, which is why I’d like to give you some background to better understand how this edition came about. 

Chronoswiss is a Swiss watch manufacturer founded by Gerd-Rüdiger Lang in 1983. Based in Lucerne, the manufacturer has earned a reputation for being the first to produce a wristwatch with a regulator layout (in a regulator, the hour, minute and second hands are not coaxial, being fixed and rotating around a different point, instead of rotating around the same point, which is usually the centre of the dial). 

Launched in 1987, the Régulateur, an innovation at the time, would shape the brand’s style to this day, reverberating in many of Chronoswiss’ contemporary models. In addition to the innovative mechanism, it was the design elements that made this watch so iconic in the watch industry (the channeled bezel and the onion-shaped crown). 

Now you’re probably wondering what Pelikan has to do with Chronoswiss and how this edition came about. Well, it all started with Mr. Lang’s fondness for Pelikan pens. It is known that each and every certificate that accompanied a Chronoswiss watch back in the day was signed with a Pelikan M800 green demonstrator by Mr. Lang himself.

Mr. Lang and his Pelikan M800 Green Demonstrator

The founder’s passion for Pelikan pens would come to fruition in 2002 when the Chronoswiss Styloscope limited edition was created by Pelikan at Mr Lang’s request to commemorate the twenty years anniversary of the Swiss brand. The edition created at the time was limited to 999 pieces, which are no longer available today. However, Chronoswiss’ current operational manager, Mr Beat Weinmann, has randomly found a treasure in the company’s basement – the last batch of 88 pieces of the famous Styloscope (unnumbered)

After considering for a while about whether or not to sell the pens, he made the decision to put the 88 copies up for sale to the delight of enthusiasts and collectors. At Mr. Weinmann’s special request, the pens will be offered for sale through an authorized boutique near Lucerne, Style of Zug, which is the exclusive retailer of these jewels.

The Styloscope is built on the M800 frame and comes as green demonstrator and is reminiscent of the M800 green demonstrator Mr Lang used to sign with. The design features of the famous Régulateur are also present in the background – the end of the clip is reminiscent of the onion-shaped crown while the ring encircling the piston knob as well as the cap top recreate the surface of the channeled bezel. As an exclusive Chronoswiss pen, the cap ring (usually engraved with “Pelikan”) is therefore engraved with “Chronoswiss”. The Pelikan logo on the cap’s finial is also replaced by the Chronoswiss logo, as is the two-tone 18k gold nib. The fountain pen is equipped with the classic piston filling system.

Each of the 88 copies is accompanied by an exclusive Swiss-made leather pouch and the original warranty card, all packaged in a specially designed paper box.

40 Medium Nibs
40 Broad Nibs
8 Oblique Nibs

Price: CHF 865

Shop here:

Since Style of Zug is the exclusive dealer of the last batch of the Styloscope, anyone looking to purchase a piece or more should contact the store representatives for more information about the fountain pen.


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