SCRIBO’s CEO Luca Baglione Talks About The Brand’s Future Projects In A Live Streaming With Samuel Naldi

Even though it’s pretty challenging to organize in-person interviews when people are quite far away from each other, Samuel Naldi took advantage of the opportunities modern technology offers today and invited Luca Baglione – CEO of Scribo to take part in a Live Streaming on his instagram channel. Now, such occasions I would say shouldn’t be missed as it’s not every day you can watch a live stream with the CEO of one of the respectable brands in the pen industry

However if you missed the live stream, you can still watch it here. In the meantime I’ll briefly summarise it for you. Well, the live stream started with an interesting, rather general conversation about the current collections Scribo carries, then moved on to the spectacular limited edition “La Tradizionale” created by Scribo in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura. 

At some point, Luca explained how important nib quality control is in what they do at Scribo. “The nib needs to be tested before it leaves the factory and you need to feel the nib as it writes, as it sounds and even though it’s a long and time-consuming process we love it and will never get tired of it, we will always do it for our pens” says Luca. 

As a pen user, knowing that the pen I will receive has undergone a rigorous inspection before leaving the factory is very important and gives me assurance that the brand takes its business and products seriously.

Luca also spoke and showed live the 3 new editions added to the PIUMA collection which you can read about here. 

Not before the live stream ended, Samuel tried his luck by challenging Luca to tell him a bit about Scribo’s future projects.

Although you already know that these kinds of projects are usually kept secret, Luca shared a little bit of what’s coming out. One of the projects he talked about is a fourth collection to complement the current Feel, Piuma and La Dotta. The project is already in its final stages, so we expect to see it in the near future. 

He then mentioned that they are working on a new filling system, which means that the brand is also investing in research and development, something that is always welcome in the industry.

Most of you probably don’t expect to see this at Scribo, but we’re very excited about this news. Apparently the brand is planning to release a Piuma Tamenuri that will celebrate the clean, Japanese aesthetic of the collection.

Who knows what Scribo is planning next? One thing’s for sure: their future looks bright. I’m looking forward to seeing the new projects Luca has been talking about, and I’ll be back with news as soon as possible.

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