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5 Pens Between 150 USD and 300 USD

When we talk premium Writing Instruments it might be a question mark as a beginner what pen one should go for. This guide brings you five entry level fountain pen if you’re looking for a great writing experience and also to own a nice item. We will list some models, and their prices, but be aware that some pricing might depend from the market you’re located.

In this guide I tried to give the best possible insight into finding five of the most interesting and useful entry level Premium Fountain Pen with a Gold Nib. You will see that it’s pretty difficult to compete with japanese Fountain Pens. The reasons behind it might be because they produce the Nibs in House, which dramatically brings down the cost, while they might also not put all that effort into the production and materialization of the body and cap. Still, there are two interesting german brands that definitely compete very well in this price point. So whether you’re looking for something understatement, design or fancy, we’ve got you covered in this article. Let’s discover…

Sailor Professional Gear Slim

The Sailor Pro Gear Slim features a 14kt Gold Nib available in a wide variety of Nib sizes that goes from EF to a Zoom and Music Nib. Even if the body and cap are quite simplistic, and the size is pretty small, it can’t be denied that this Sailor already delivers a great writing experience. If you’re looking for something easy that writes extremely well, and where you can choose your favorite nib or different nibs, this Sailor will definitely make it for you. Basic.

+ writing experience

– body and cap doesn’t feel premium

Price: USD 180.00

Lamy 2000

Design. German. Cool.

The Lamy 2000 is an icon, writes great with its 14k Gold nib available in F, M, B, OB, OBB.

Designed by Gerd A. Müller and available in a range of different materials now, the Lamy 2000 is the perfect Fountain Pen to start with. You will have an extraordinary Design, sophisticated finishings and piston filller. Basically this pen delivers everything you need to have in a Fountain Pen. Something that can be seen as innovative or also as negative is the small gold nib section on this pen. Wondering about why it’s priced so low? Well think that the understatement nib, is simply smaller, and therefore less Material has been used for the making of this Fountain Pen. Design.

+ design

– small nib design

Price: USD 200.00

Pilot Custom Heritage 92

This Pilot has everything you’ll wish for in an everyday Fountain Pen. It’s Demonstrator, therefore pretty cool to fill up your ink and pretty cool as a whole. You’ll fill the ink up using the piston filling mechanism. 14k Gold Nib available in Fine, Medium and Broad and most important thing, simply an incredible writing experience. A Fountain Pen with a great ink flow that will not dry even if you leave it on the table for three weeks. Fancy.

+ piston filling mechanism

– none

Price: USD 150.00

Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen

Another japanese brand providing excellent writing experience and a 14k gold nib. With the platinum #3776 you’ll own a 14k gold nib with a classic but very own design. You can fill it up with Platinum cartridges or converter and nib sizes available are Ultra Extra Fine, Medium, Broad, Music.

Platinum Fountain Pens are slightly scratchy, on purpose, as their meant to feel and sound like pencil writing on paper. I personally find this aspect to be very interesting. Classic.

+ unique nib design

– price

Price: USD 240.00

Otto Hutt Design 04

Here something you might didn’t expect that goes a bit over $300 but it had to be mentioned. With its classic design and incredibly well built construction (made out of brass and covered in lacquer), coming in so many versions, this pen is all one can ask for. It’s sturdy enough to give you a nice feel while writing and elegant enough to fit in some formal occasions too. It comes fitted with an 18k gold nib, availalbe in EF, F, M and B and it can be filled with normal cartridges or converter. Industrial

+ touch and feel

– unknown

Price: USD 340.00

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