The SCRIBO Pittura Celebrates Art in its Many Forms

There is something innately human for our need to turn symbols into meaning. Whether it’s the written word or a brushstroke on canvas, the ability to create art – the desire to tell our own story – is something that no other animal has the capacity to accomplish.

It is this form of expression that Italian fountain pen brand SCRIBO took inspiration for their latest luxury fountain pen, the Pittura – Arte della Scrittura Limited Edition. Having previously created a pen dedicated to literature, it seems that SCRIBO continues to make pens that deliver exceptional craftsmanship with a clear message of inspiration in mind. And this time it is the art form of painting.

From top to bottom, this pen is a representation of all the beautiful manifestations of paint. From our earliest ancestors, painting has been a way to tell the story of our lives around us. Think of the majestic handprints found at the Altamira Cave, which is known as the Sistine Chapel of Prehistory. These images became a precursor for expressive thought, passed down from generation to generation where people can learn about the daily lives of those who lived before them.

Moving on from rudimentary cave paintings, painting evolved into cuniform symbols to pictographic representations to hieroglyphs, and ultimately to our own alphabet we still use today. This evolution of thought through symbolism has become an essential part of the human experience and to think — it began with a bit of pigment and a desire to connect an individual to a greater world.

The SCRIBO Pittura retells this history and importance of paint throughout the barrel of the pen. From those early cave paintings to Egyptian hieroglyphs, the barrel of the pen uses a mixture of lacquer and resin. Engraved elements of the pen include the Phoenician alphabet which is an ancestor to our own used today. We see in this pen not just a story of the history of paint, but the history of mankind as well.

SCRIBO’s Pittura is available in EF to Broad 18K gold nib and is available exclusively as a fountain pen using a piston-filling mechanism. It currently retails for €4.016,39.

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