5 Stylish Guys and their matching pens

Have you ever thought what a spectacular duet a stylish outfit would make with a beautiful pen? Today we’ve put together a selection of 5 Stylish Guys and the pens we think would suit them.

Valentino Ricci & Montegrappa Extra 1930 Turtle Brown

Many of you know Valentino Ricci as the founder of Sciamat and he is probably one of the most relevant figures when it comes to unique style and Italian elegance. In addition to his creative spirit that we find in every suit designed by Sciamat, Valentino Ricci inspires us daily to dress more naturally while maintaining a relaxed air and elegant attitude. Since a style like his requires a pen to match, we chose the famous Extra 1930 Turtle Brown by Montegrappa. With a unique pattern that befits Valentino, this model also expresses the same values that the master tailor himself is guided by: originality, tradition and creative design. Like a Bespoke suit that lasts you a lifetime, we’re confident that the solid construction of this Montegrappa will keep up with the tailor’s creations.

Alessandro Squarzi & Visconti Homo Sapiens Tuscan Hills

A style symbol, a great collector of vintage cars and perhaps one of the most iconic people in the world of street style, Alessandro Squarzi is a guy we love because he masters the art of dressing almost like no other. For those who want to keep up with Alessandro’s latest outfits, his instagram account with over 260 thousand followers makes us recommend you take a look for some inspiration. Admiring his style, we can easily notice that it’s all about the details and if we take a look at his outfits, each piece blends harmoniously making a perfect picture every time. We love the relaxed air Alessandro exudes in his green and cream outfits and that’s exactly why we instantly thought of Visconti Homo Sapiens Tuscan Hills. This one features a semi-transparent body containing the same shades of green and cream representing the beautiful landscape of the Tuscan countryside. We think it would be an interesting combo.

Daniel Craig & Otto Hutt design08

We’re all fascinated by the James Bond film series, and if you’ve watched the Skyfall movie in which the very elegant Daniel Craig appears in a grey shaded suit, you’ll understand why we chose this pen for him. Well, the pen doesn’t just fit here chromatically, it also blends in perfectly with the whole decor. In the intelligence services, in addition to weapons, there are plenty of other devices that make missions a lot easier. We think design08 would be a perfect fit for Daniel Craig, especially considering the agent role he played. Highly functional, with a minimalist design that doesn’t draw attention, the design08 would have been Craig’s loyal companion not just on set but also in real life.

Lapo Elkann & Montblanc Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Special Edition

Lapo Elkann is well known for his eccentric and bold style, but he is also one of the few who have mastered the art of standing out in a crowd. He’s often caught with outfits in electric blue, deep red and sometimes orange or pastel. Speaking of outfits in red, we really loved his bright red suit that he was caught in during a Formula 1 race. Then we remembered that Elkann is also Ferrari’s design consultant on a Ferrari Tailor-Made service and that led us straight to the latest Montblanc Great Characters Enzo Ferrari edition that fits the Italian businessman like a glove.

Ryan Gosling & Tibaldi Perfecta Raw Denim

Ryan Gosling’s approach to fashion is so diverse that we’ve seen him tackle both more formal outfits and casual outfits that slightly lean towards streetwear and sportswear but let’s face it, whatever the actor wears, he looks great. We think Ryan is best suited to clothing that perfectly expresses his youthful spirit such as denim jackets and jeans. For his relaxed city outfits, we chose Tibaldi Perfecta Raw Denim, designed to fit perfectly into the urban environment and mould to the actor’s charisma.

What is your favorite pair or do you have better suggestions? Let is know in the comment section! 

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