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Five Personal Grail Pens i Wish i Would Own

I’m confronted daily with Pen buying for my Boutique Style of Zug. While a part of the buying is pure fun, another part is pure business. It’s about thinking which pens i should purchase that will please our online and onland audience. That’s why i want to take a few moments to think about which pens i would purchase right now for myself (if i wouldn’t be totally invested in my businesses. lol.). Let’s check it out.

Montegrappa Extra Customized

Yes, Yes. Around one year ago a i created my personal Montegrappa Zero Custom. I feel like i want to step up the Game and customize my very own Montegrappa Extra Custom. I actually feel like this will happen pretty soon. I’ve been very happy with my Zero Custom and i’m pretty sure i would be even happier with an Extra. This is what i have customized. Savage.

I have opted for a pretty classic customization in black marble.

In case you want to create yours, click below

Price: 1’806€

Namiki Parrot with Peach

This piece has really taken my heart. Is it the parrots? Is it the peaches? It probably is everything. The beauty of the Yukari Royale, the perfection of the Maki-E painting, the smooth writing experience, the great proportion of the design. It’s simply a piece i look at and i get lost in thousand creative thoughts. Maybe it’s also a sense of relaxation thinking about the precision when it comes to the making one of these.

Price: 5’800€

Otto Hutt design04 Sterling Silver Striped

Way less pretentious in terms of pricing, but what a piece if we consider the quality of the barrel and the nib. 925 Sterling Silver Barrel, Solid Brass Cap and Grip Section with platinum plating and 18k Gold Nib. Simply a great everyday writer that will not fail to impress and will even get a charming patina over time. Definitely underrated.

Find it in the Link below

Price: 345€

Montblanc 80 Days Around the World Solitaire

I mean… a special Edition that is based on an evergreen such as the Meisterstück will never disappoint. What i truly love about it is the blue shade, the feeling of the lacquering, the weight and the beautiful nib engraving. In addition to that it features a Piston Filling Mechanism that is always magical to use. Almost cliché to say that we are talking about an epic story too, which gives these whole edition even more credibility.

Price: 1’820€

Graf von Faber Castell Perfect Pencil

Don’t judge me. I still don’t own a Perfect Pencil of Graf myself. I’ve always loved writing with pencils and to me the PP is simply a cool item to carry around daily. When i propose it to customer i often depict it as democratic luxury. I would probably pick the Black Edition version.

Price: 270€

And what about you? What pen would you pick right now if there was no spending limit?


  1. Great list! I put a Pelikan M1000 Raden White Ray on mine, as well as a Nakaya Dorsal Fin ver.2 Toki-tamenuri, a Montblanc Czar Nikolai, and something Scribo in green.

  2. I’d say that’s a pretty good list. The Yukari Royale Peach and Parrot is breathtaking! Taka Maki-e is where it’s at.

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