A Double Shot That Lasts

Minimalism, a word that has become almost an active religion in recent years. These days when people say minimal they want less with more style.

The Caran dAche 849 Nespresso ballpoint pen is just that. This is the second edition of the Swiss connection of Caran d’Ache and Nespresso. Two brands known for their innovation and design quality and also share a love for the protection of the environment. The 849 ballpoint line is a staple in the Caran d’Ache lineup. Known for its hexagonal shape, comfortable proportions, and flexible clip this ballpoint is good for an everyday pen and suitable for all ages.

This collaboration just makes sense. Over the years Caran d’Ache has collaborated with brands that identify the heart of Swiss identity and culture. What makes the Nespresso collaboration special is that every pen is made from the recycled aluminum of empty Nespresso capsules. Every pen is specially engraved with the confirmation “made with recycled Nespresso Capsules” , so feel good that you’re doing something in your life right every time you use this pen. This pen is similar to the craftsmanship of the Nespresso system. Very simple on the outside but very functional on the inside. You can easily fill up about 600 pages of paper with this thing.

Although the design may not appear stellar by most standards, think iconic. Some of the most Iconic things are simple yet wonderful. We liked this edition much more than we thought. I mean who doesn’t love the idea of an affordable but versatile pen from two top brands. The pen does get some extra cool points for the packaging. Very minimal and yet gets the message of recycling across very nicely. This pen bridges the gap between art and practicality, between student and businessman. This can be an introduction into the world writing instruments. In hand, we love the soft yet textured touch you feel every time the ballpoint touches paper. At a price point of CHF 34, we feel that this pen is worth having everywhere with you and it certainly looks minimal yet stylish at the same time. We found the button at the top moves so effortlessly it’s almost a fun game to click throughout the day.

This is a pen that almost everyone can own and afford. CHF 34 allows you to walk around the classroom, the library or the office with a piece that has real design and a message. Even though it’s is not the sexiest, you can ditch the pen with your companies name on it, ditch the pen you took from the doctor’s, forget that 5 pack of pens from the store. Get off the bench and into the game, anyways what would George Clooney say?

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