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All hail the queen! The Montblanc Patron of Arts Elizabeth 1, is a tribute to the original Queen Elizabeth of England from 2010.

Every year Montblanc releases some pretty sick limited edition Patron of Arts, but better late than never. This Patron of Arts edition highlights some of the life and work of Queen Elizabeth and spares no details. Details are on every cm of this piece. We understand if you do not know where to look first. As the Brits would want it though, let’s start with the crown.

The cap is representative of the crown the queen would wear. Like all Montblanc, you will find the white snowflake featured on the end of the cap. The gold plating around the cap shows the Tudor rose the symbol of the historical dynasty. The pattern around the rose and cone is based on the book “The Miroir or Glasse of the Synneful Soul”, written by yours truly Queen Elizabeth 1. When your eyes move a little bit further down you will see the words “Video et Taceo”. These words, the motto of Queen Elizabeth 1 mean “I see and keep silent”. A cool personal touch to this edition. Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of this piece is the green cabochon British cross on the clip.

What grabs your attention right away with this edition is the black with gold polka dots design throughout the pen. The lacquer is based on the royal garments she would wear. (Come on, It is only right that the brilliance of this piece wear a royal outfit too). The nib is 18k Gold and has the royal crown engraved on it, along with the dates of the Tudor empire. This piece is modeled after the queen so of course, the details are going to be flashy and elaborate. In hand, this edition feels heavy but looks amazing.

It falls on the more artsy side of the writing instruments world. This is not a pen your going to keep in your pocket all day. (Unless you want to be that guy, and if you do we say go for it!) However, with a price point of CHF 3500+ and the fact that it’s limited to only 4810 pieces, we would not advise it. That’s the beauty of this piece and more specifically the writing instruments world, it is art use it how you want it.

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