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A Gift From Walt

Montblanc releases the new Great Characters “Walt Disney” Special and Limited Edition.

Every day new history is creating itself, yet some names in our lives will never be forgotten. Some names make us recall fond memories. Yes, some names make us laugh, cry, and dream all at the same time. For most, the name Walt Disney or The Magic Kingdom reminds you of the simpler times, before you had to put on that suit and tie and go to work. Walt Disney passed more than 30 years ago and left us so much more than just a silly rumor that he froze his body. His creations, his magical touch, and most importantly his vision lives on through his hundreds of films, art pieces, and collaborations. We’re bringing to you today one of his latest collaborations.

Following their tradition of the Great Characters line, The Montblanc Great Characters Walt Disney collection pays homage to Disney with a collection of fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints, and notebooks.

We had the privilege of attending SIHH in January of this year. SIHH is a fair held yearly by Richemont Luxury group. (owners of Montblanc) We thoroughly enjoyed our time with these pens and pieces, each one bringing a smile to our face as well held It in our hands. There are two versions to the pens in this collection, a black resin, and one which features a scanimation effect over the resin. The limited edition fountain pen is priced at 3,360.- while the rollerball at 3,035.- and the black resin special edition is set at following prices: fountain pen 945.-; rollerball 800.-; ballpoint 720.-. The big kid inside you will have as much fun as we did watching the Mickey Mouse head move as you turn the barrel of the pen. Perhaps one of the most creative things Walt Disney did was bring his dreams to life by opening Disney land in 1955. One of the top attractions in Disney Land, the infamous Steamboat Willie Monorail (the only one of its kind at the time) plays a huge role in the inspiration of these pens. In fact the overall Shape of the pen is inspired by the monorail. The clip on the pens refers to the smokestack on the boat in Steamboat Willie. When you look at the cap on the scanimated resin edition you will see “1901” engraved on it. This is the limitation number, but Also commemorates Disneys Snow White. Disney put their innovative touch on the pens, we were amazed when we were told the technical specifications (1.33:1,83 MIN) and the date of the world premiere 21/12/1937, LA. On the black resin edition, Walt Disney’s signature is engraved on it along with coordinates. To where you wonder? They are coordinates to the garage of Walt Disney’s uncle, where Walt Disney and his brother constructed a camera stand.

They are coordinates to the garage of Walt Disney’s uncle, where Walt Disney and his brother constructed a camera.

18k gold nib with Mickey Mouse engraving

Of course this collection wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Mickey Mouse, Everyone’s favorite, basically Disneys mascot. And what an appearance he makes on these special pens. The black, red, and yellow color combination on the rings are a nod to those iconic clothes. The solid gold rhodium coated hand-crafted nib has sweet old Mickey engraved on it. On the black resin edition, there’s a 3D engraving of Mickey Mouse that stands out at first glance but look closer and you can see several hidden mickeys. On the scanimated resin edition, you will find a scanimation of mickey mouses head. As you turn the pen the head moves. Very innovative and cool! This collection was everything we could ask for in the modern-day pen, cool, innovative, and stylish. With the blue stranimated resin limited to 1901 pieces, we were thrilled we could bring it to you early. This is not just some gimmicky collaboration to sell products. This one was meant to inspire, while showing off creativity. We know that this collaboration will shed a positive light on the industry and move other brands to continue to push the boundaries. Because in the end, the possibilities are endless.

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