Anchored Down With Heritage

When you think of the word sailor what comes to your mind? (We won’t hold it against you if you say Popeye) we’re going even farther back then the big-armed, tattooed sailor.

Go all the way back to the year 1911. The year Sailor Pen Japan was founded. Kyugoro Sakata was an engineer from the naval port in Hiroshima Japan. A British friend of his introduced him to the fountain pen, an instant connection was made and history was created. Sailor products we have today stem from that key day. Kyugoro was determined to produce a writing instrument inspired by the history created with the craft of the Japanese. He wanted a pen that would represent japan as effortlessly as the red dot. 100 years later and his designs and influence live on.

This edition is a commemoration of the longevity of the brand. This is one of the 2 pens made for the anniversary. However, this one is special. Made of Mulberry wood from Mikurajima (an island in the Izu archipelago) a place known for this rare material. The details are what take this piece from mulberry woodblock to a renowned piece of art. The cap features a wave pattern decorated using gold Maki-e powder, and a special “anchor” clip in honor of the occasion.

This pen is fit for an emperor. No Really, this pen is fit for an emperor.

If you’re new in the world of writing,(welcome!) sailor nibs are regarded as arguably the best nibs out there. There are only a few other comparable nibs in the market. They are highly sought after not only because of their writing ability but also their designs. The nib on this piece glides across the paper, like an ice skater on ice. Solid 21K gold that jumps out at you when uncapped. It is stamped with the 100 years insignia and has a special anchor with draped chains on it. Sailor is one of the very few (maybe the only) to use such high-grade gold on their nibs. 21kt instead of 18k gold, Its that kind of know-how that puts sailor above the others. Their ability to use such a high quality of gold which makes the nib softer, but also make it adapt over a period of time.

The Special Nib With Chains Featured Around The Anchor

This pen is fit for an emperor. No Really, this pen is fit for an emperor. The mulberry that comes from this small island is what they used to give gifts to emperors and other royal families during that time. The tradition is still living on with this piece, perhaps just amazing as the pen is the box it comes in. (pictured below) The box is a Maki-e decoration depicting the original Hamada factory of Sailor where the company began in 1911. Inside there is a special silk cloth pen wrap made from Ushikubi. The box is coated in Azusa Nuri Urushi. (Say that 10x fast)

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