Aurora Ipsilon Demo Colors – An innovative line with a splash of color

Making fine writing instruments, paper and leather goods for over 100 years, Aurora – the well-known italian manufacturer based in Turin has recently launched the Ipsilon Demo Colors collection. So today, let me introduce to you an innovative line with a colorful yet strong character.


This colorful collection is dedicated to the Global Lockdown and Aurora’s vision was to renew the world of writing so people could use their fountain pens more, in a manner that inspires them, through colors. Something very important that I would mention is the fact that the Ipsilon has been a significant pillar in the Aurora line for more than twenty years.

The fountain pens come in 6 colors and each has representative names: optimistic yellow, dreamer green, enthusiastic orange, intuitive green, wise purple and passionate red, a fact that adds a note of personality and charisma to the pen itself.


When it comes to fine details, the trims have two different finishes – gold or chrome depending on the colors of the fountain pen for the nibs to match the chromatic background. Another detail that I would mention is the transparent grip section, a novelty for this collection that brings the writer closer to the ink so from now on any enthusiast out there can enjoy the ink colors more than ever…

Now let’s move to the features of the fountain pen itself. The body is crafted from a high-quality colored resin and the trims come as I’ve said in gold or chrome finish. On the center band, there is written the manufacturer’s name Aurora and below it, Italy – the country where the fountain pen is produced. The nib is made from stainless steel and comes in EF, fine, medium, broad and italic. Regarding the filling mechanism, one can choose between cartridges or a converter. The pen length (closed) is 13.64 cm and it weighs 22.45 g. Also, each fountain pen is sold with matching color ink. The price for a fountain pen depends from a retailer to another but is around 125 EUR.

To conclude, the Aurora Ipsilon Demo Colors line is quite interesting because you get a clean design fountain pen with a nice shape, vibrant yet elegant colors, fine details such as the gold or chrome elements and of course a quality stainless steel nib that glides smoothly across the paper, everything well made in Italy.

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