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Writing Instruments and Watches – an inseparable union

Already a couple of times, we have tried to make clear to the community that the attention dedicated to writing instruments should be at least the same as the attention deserved by watches. And this is not only because writing instruments are items that have written history. Also because of the joy you can bring with what you can actually do with a writing instrument, like writing a letter, send a handwritten note of thank and many other small gestures that will make the day of the recipient better. We are therefore very proud of the article published this morning on fratellowatches.com written by our contributor and founder Samuel Naldi and supported by Robert-Jan Broer. 


We are incredibly happy to collaborate with such an influential online magazine such as fratellowatches.com and we thank them for their contribution and support on raise the attention to fine writing instruments.


Enjoy the read and have a great sunday.

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  1. Thanks for your amazing article on Fratello!

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