Breaking News: Translucent barrel on the new Pelikan M800 Black-Red

Earlier last month, some pretty spicy news, we’d say, spread through the world of writing instrument enthusiasts and collectors.The announcement was that the translucent barrels of the new Souverän models will be replaced by opaque ones. While some treated it as verified news, we expressed our humble opinion that it might just be a rumor, and until we see an official announcement from the brand itself, we’ll stick to our position.

After we also made public in our article the-pelikan-m800-black-red-is-back the rumor that the new Souverän models including the Black-Red model, will have opaque barrels, today, after seeing the new Black-Red at one of the collectors, we announce that the new Pelikan M800 Black-Red has… guess what, a translucent barrel. (see attached photos)

Well, we can’t say for sure how many models with translucent barrel have been created or when the opaque ones will replace them, but for now, it looks like we’ll still be enjoying what has already become a Pelikan hallmark among fans and collectors as well.

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