Caran d’Ache Ecridor line – Timeless and iconic

In today’s article you are going to discover one of the most iconic lines of the renowned Maison Caran d’Ache. Therefore, we have prepared an overview of Ecridor line, pointing out some interesting facts that make this line so unique and coveted. 

Originally launched as an alternative to the Fixpencil, the first model of the Ecridor line came out in 1953 followed by a ballpoint pen to complete the line and redefine it in a luxurious way. From this point, the line has developed continuously and new types of writing instruments have been added, such as rollerball pens, fountain pens and mechanical pens. 

Today, after many years of technological progress, the Ecridor line features the same iconic hexagonal body which established the brand. For the nostalgic out there, for the collectors and enthusiasts as well, not many changes have occured in terms of design and shape. However, Caran d’Ache has improved the guillochage techniques over the years and that can be observed by looking at the pens which are precisely crafted by the Swiss skillful artisans. Many other guilloche patterns were developed and added to the line and we are happy to have such a wide variety to choose from. 

In the following, let’s take a brief look at some of the most intriguing models of Ecridor line. 

The Palladium-coated Ecridor Golf collection 

This collection features a very unique guillochage which was inspired by the essential dimples on the golf ball. When you hold the pen in hand, you feel such a pleasing sensation due to the dimples found along the barrel which can be relaxing during extended writing sessions. Whether you choose the fountain pen, or any other writing instrument variety, you need to know that each one is crafted in a classic hexagonal shape from solid brass, coated with palladium. The cap and the clip are rhodium-coated while the nib is made from stainless-steel and available in fine, medium and broad sizes. We are happy to see that Caran d’Ache took the Ecridor line to the next level by adding new models like this one – a younger version of Ecridor which is more agile and adapted to modernity.

The Gilded Ecridor Chevron collection

Lavish and timeless, the Ecridor Chevron is adorned with an inverted v-shape design displayed on the six sides of the gilded body of each writing instrument. The pattern is diamond engraved in a way that matches the golden finish of the body. In terms of shape, the same hexagonal body crafted of solid brass in golden finish. We’re sure that such a classic piece, carefully maintained, can be passed on to future generations easily. This collection’s fountain pen is fitted with a gilded stainless steel nib to complement the overall look of the pen. 

The Palladium-Coated Ecridor Retro collection

Another iconic collection that pays tribute to the first Caran d’Ache mechanical pencil which was crafted from precious metals and launched in 1947, is the Ecridor Retro. This collection evokes a vintage vibe thanks to its guilloche pattern made of lozenges and for the nostalgic, it might be the perfect choice. We’d place this collection more on the classic side, just like the Gilded Ecridor.


To summarize, Ecridor is undoubtedly a very unique and classic line of writing instruments, and probably Caran d’Ache’s most iconic one. The fact that Caran d’Ache brought some fresh patterns to the line is a really fantastic and we can’t wait to see to see an 18kt gold nib at least on one pen of Ecridor.

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