Montblanc Boheme – a tribute to elegance

While Belgium and the Netherlands were hosting the UEFA Euro 2000, in June 2000, somewhere in Germany, in Hamburg more precisely, Montblanc was about to launch one of their most successful models which name is a tribute to the historical region in todays Czech Republic: The Boheme. A Model that has been produced until 2015 and which still has many admirers around the world.

To be completely accurate, the first name of the model was “Rouge et Noir” and Noir et Noir” produced in a limited run of 5’000 pieces, produced from June to mid-September 2000. From November 2000 the name officially became Boheme. The very elegant squared top and bottom of the pen have been a very distinctive attribute of the Boheme line-up as well as the little jewel at the bottom end of the clip. Let’s start from there and look at a couple of the over 40 variants created in the 15 years production.


Actually in 1999 there was already a so called pre-Boheme production (Model# 25110 and 25100) that were featuring a red and a black gem at the end of the clip. A Synthetic onyx or ruby gemstone in paramount cut. The name Rouge et Noir and Noir et Noir was due to the color of the gem. Another unique characteristic of this new model was the retractile 14ct rhodium-plated or two-tone nib. Quite cool for a conservative brand like Montblanc.

Colorful jewels

Very few variants of the Boheme don’t have a jewel on the clip end and often, the color of the gem was also determining the name of the specific variant. However, there were the Golden Line as well as the Platinum Line, this last one also available in “Big-Size” version, that were simply having a clip with no gem. The barrel is made of black precious resin and evidentially recalling the Meisterstück Collection.

Precious Materials

But the Boheme had also many special and limited editions made of steel, sterling silver, Gold and also more exotic materials such calfskin and lacquer. One of the most wanted and luxurious creations of Montblanc is based on a Boheme and is the Boheme Royal and Royal black and white. A pen worth over 1.5 million dollars completely coated of diamonds, 1430 to be precise, over a solid white gold barrel. The precious stones reproduce wavy lines that extend over the entire surface, the Montblanc logo consists of three white gold rings and 19 diamonds, while the clip is embellished with a paramount diamond-cut set, as many other Boheme.

100 years of soulmaking

Last but not least, in 2006 Montblanc has crowned the Boheme collection with a model dedicated to their first 100 years of history, calling it “Soulmakers for 100 years”. Limited to 100 pieces, this final edition is particularly elegant and sober with its ivory, red or bluegrey lacquer over 18ct solid gold barrel. A particularly beautiful detail of this specific variant, is the Montblanc Star-cut diamond on the top of the cap, celebrating the Montblanc logo at its best.

There would be many more interesting variants to look at but there are too many to cover them in one article. Sure is, that the Boheme has the potential to become a very collectible model and you better watch out already now of the most wanted ones. 

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