Caran d’Ache Léman Grand Bleu & Rouge Carmin Get Thinner

Just as some prefer SUVs over sedans or thinner watches over bulky ones, when it comes to writing instruments things are no different. For some users, size truly matters and is, in fact, a deciding factor. Caran d’Ache is not only a brand that innovates, but one that also understands the needs of its users, which is why it decided to create a SLIM version of its most popular editions in the Léman series: Grand Bleu and Rouge Carmin. Read on to find out what you should expect from these slim editions.


In terms of design, nothing has changed. Both Leman Grand Bleu and Rouge Carmin look just as sophisticated as you know them. The only mention I would make is that I find them even more elegant due to the thinner proportion which makes them look more graceful. While many would be tempted to consider this slim version an exclusively feminine version, that’s not quite the correct assumption. I think these new designs will find their place in the collections of many people who appreciate sleeker silhouettes. 

Size & Weight

Here we are with the first changes these editions bring. One notable change is the diameter which, compared to the standard model (13.7 mm), is reduced to 10.6 mm. That provides a more comfortable handling for those with smaller hands but also enhances the overall appearance creating a visually elongating effect. The weight has also undergone some changes as the new slim versions weigh only 38g. Those who prefer slightly lighter writing instruments will also appreciate this update.


As with the standard versions, users will be able to choose from three variations of writing instruments: fountain pen, rollerball pen, and ballpoint pen. As many probably anticipated, a detail I’ve always appreciated about this Swiss brand, Caran d’Ache kept the 18k nib on these slim versions as well; users can choose the nib in the following sizes: extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad. 

Where to buy

The most convenient option is to purchase these editions on the official Caran d’Ache website here. However, they will most likely be available at various authorized retailers in Europe or the US, so you’ll be able to try them out before buying them.

Fountain Pen: CHF 750.00
Rollerball Pen: CHF 495.00
Ballpoint Pen: CHF 430.00


I’m glad to see that the Slim series is expanding with these two spectacular models and look forward to getting my hands on the new Léman Grand Bleu SLIM that I just ordered, which will team up nicely with my Montblanc Meisterstück Classique. Let me know in the comments section below if you like the new release and how you see the step Caran d’Ache has taken by releasing these 2 editions.

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