Elevate Your Thank You Cards With These Scented Inks

The difference between an email and a letter is the experience. Even if one sends the exact same content, there will always be a more personal connection with a letter. Letter writing is an action verb, it should be something that takes time and practice and, of course, the right tools.

Of course, there is the pen, which we talk about ad infinitum on our digital magazine. We’ve also discussed stationery a few months ago. Now, for something that is the secret weapon to really make a statement: scented inks.

Of course, regular inks will do just fine, but why not give your recipient another layer of sophistication when opening your letter? Scented inks give a lasting impression. A perfumed letter will be cherished – and what’s more special than that?

Here are my top five scented inks to consider.

Monblanc Elixir Parfumeur Collection Cinnamon Brown

As with most things that Montblanc does, their Elixir Parfumeur, Cinnamon Brown scent is just as elegant as anything else in their line. A chestnut brown color, the ink itself is rich and looks great on paper. But what’s even more enticing is the cinnamon perfume, which has a spicy and cozy appeal. Even better, the high-quality oils used to produce the scent are potent (yet not overpowering), making it a long-lasting fragrance on paper.

Price: 76,00 EUR

De Atramentis Blackberry

A veritable contender as the leader in scented inks, De Atramentis has a wide collection to choose from in a variety of fun colors and corresponding scents. I particularly love Blackberry, which has an unctuous purple color and a sweet scent that reminds me of Summer.

Price: 14,00 EUR

J. Herbin Lavender Blue Ink

The French just have a simple elegance to them and J. Herbin’s Lavender Blue embodies this. While it may be a bit of a paler ink, its floral scent and pale color is just begging to be the ink for love notes.

Price: 14,00 EUR

De Atramentis Apple Blossom

I’d be remiss to not include a pink option on this list, given the romantic nature of perfumed letters. De Atramentis makes a lovely Apple Blossom scent that is tonally beautiful and provides a crisp, fruity note that’s not overpowering and a great alternative to, say, rose.

Price: 14,00 EUR

KWZ Standard Honey

I find KWZ’s Honey to be such a rich, sumptuous color and scent that it has to be on this list. A golden-brown color and a flavorful honey/vanilla perfume, it’s sophisticated and simple all at once. Most wonderful things are in life, I’ve come to find!

Price: 15,00 EUR 

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