Five items to Take on a Trip to Capri

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine, if you will, the warm Italian sunlight warming your skin. Perhaps, in the drowsy afternoon, you’re aching for a pisolino, a nap, after a couple limoncelli. You drowsily move your head to wake yourself up. The ocean is in front of you. You have dinner plans later, but for now, you can afford yourself a few more minutes in the sun.

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You’re in Capri, one of the most beautiful locations in Italy.

One shouldn’t just pass through Capri, but should stay, at minimum, for three days. And in that time, you’ll find inspiration in the food, people, and landscapes of the Bay of Naples. There is, of course, the Blue Lagoon to spend an afternoon exploring. And the food, pasta and seafood combined exquisitely. You’ll want to bring a few items along with you to memorialize your trip. We, of course, have some suggestions on what those items might be.

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Visconti Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon Fountain Pen

First on the list is a new release from Visconti’s Homo Sapiens line, called Blue Lagoon. What a more appropriate pen to take with you to Capri! The translucent body of this demonstrator pen is dappled in teals and blues to be reminiscent of the sunlight that casts an electrifying glow within the caverns of the Blue Lagoon. Paying a distinct homage to the ocean itself, the signature arch of the Homo Sapiens is embellished with mother of pearl enamel. It’s a complimentary pen to the island that, when back on your desk, will always remind you fondly of your holidays.

Price: € 990,00 

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Notebook Montblanc 145 Mint 

A small notebook that’s perfect for throwing in your carry-on, the 145 is a writer’s best travel companion. The mint soft cover, accented in silver 85-gram paper, adds a touch of elegance for an everyday notebook. The paper works beautifully with fountain pens and I would suggest keeping all of your tickets and using this notebook as a little scrapbook later, writing about your trip as you go along. 

Price: € 40,00 

Pineider Capri Writing Paper & Envelopes Set 

Part of the beauty of travel is sharing your experience with others. Eschew posting on Instagram or texting and instead send a handwritten note. What better way to say, “I’m thinking of you,” than taking the time to post a letter to a loved one?

Italian stationer, Pineider, has the perfect set. Aptly called Capri, this set of blue and white stationery will represent the beauty of the island as much as any postcard would. Sets range in sizes and come with handpainted bordered stationery and envelopes, just begging to be written on.

Price: € 51,00

Montblanc Sartorial 1 Pen Sleeve Navy Blue

Montblanc has extended their product line into a wide range of beautiful accoutrements for the gentleman writer. Their pen sleeves are an unparalleled accessory for any pen lover. In a full grain navy blue, accompanied by the iconic snowflake logo, this pen sleeve will look dashing tucked into your linen suit jacket just in time for dinner.

Price: € 125,00

Ink bottle Graf von Faber Castell Gulf Blue 

Pairing with your Visconti Homo Sapiens and Montblanc journal, upgrade your ink game to Gult Blue from Graf von Faber Castell. Known as a world-class ink, Gulf Blue will surely evoke the coastal beauty in anything you write. It’s an added bonus that the shape of the bottle’s design is equally lovely, making it a beautiful addition to your home desk once your holiday is over.

Price: € 29,00

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