What’s in the Bag of Samuel Naldi

I’m happy to start this special series launched and curated by our editor-in-chief, Nick Neghina. In fact, I find this idea both elegant and romantic. To discover what people around the world carry in their bags, how they master their daily lives and what “weapons” they use for it. Always remembering that “the pen is mightier than the sword”. Let me show you what I carry with me all day long.

Let me start by telling you that I’m not going to show you my bag, because it really needs to be changed. Jokes aside, the bag might not be the best one… but the items I carry inside are fantastic! 

MacBook Pro
You’re going to think that I’m crazy to start with the MacBook, but I think that this special item really deserves a special place in our heart (and daily life). My MacBook is essential for my business, my productivity and for things that need to happen fast. It is a device that never lets me down and helping me to stay connected with the world. It’s also well built, in aluminum, which gives me the feeling that I hold something valuable and that it’s in line with my purpose in life.

Traveler’s Notebook

Stories enrich our lives more than anything else. This traveler’s notebook is a gift from a friend, named Yvette, who once stopped by the store and said, “Samuel, I have something for you that I want to give you on your journey to this entrepreneurial journey.”

She showed me the different options that the traveler’s notebook offer and how compact it is. Also, the leather cover develops a patina over time and lives with me over time. I loved the gesture on Yvette’s part and immediately felt connected to this book which has now already become an important companion in my daily life. A notebook in which I can store other things I might need on a daily basis and in which I can balance my thoughts between business development and personal development.

Visconti Pen Pouch

I really like this Visconti Pen Pouch for how fashionable it looks. It has room for three credit cards or business cards and three pens. As you can see from the photo, the pens I currently store inside are a Maiora Alpha Orogrigio, a Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2022 “Aztecs” and a Bauhaus Otto Hutt design08.

Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2022 “Aztecs”

This is a beautiful piece that I acquired just 2 weeks ago and have only been writing with it ever since. I love the symbolism around this edition and the very intricate cap design. I am also, always, fascinated by the Turquoise engraved element that sparkles in my eyes when I look at it. It’s a piece that arrives at a very special stage in my life and career and I can’t wait to make it a daily and meaningful companion.

Otto Hutt design08

For more than a year now, design08 has been a great friend. The ink flow is very good, it weighs 78 grams and always gives you the feeling of holding something precious in your hand while writing or simply gesturing (like a good Italian). Design08 is a must-have for me and will always remain one. I love the conceptual thoughts behind it and the intellectual property behind the design and engineering. 

Maiora Alpha OroGrigio

Maiora puts me in a good mood with her Italian flair and spaghetti resin. I’m never disappointed when I write with it, and I always like to use it when I need to write bolder things in a notebook. Mainly because it comes with a 14k wide nib. It’s a slightly lighter pen than the other two, but gives a whole different feel when in action.

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