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Five Pen Options For Students

Who else can remember the joy of buying new school supplies? It remains one of the top memories for many when they look back at their school days. It’s no different with today’s students. 

As the new semester approaches and Covid restrictions at universities lessening, students may want to put their best foot forward on this year’s supplies, getting something with a bit of excitement versus the standard pencil or scratchy ballpoint. That’s where the fountain pen comes in.

A fountain pen can be the perfect student accessory, given the ability to take notes easily without giving the hand fatigue. The customization of a fountain pen (such as ink and nib) can be used for various notetaking for classes. And, really, it’s just a way to elevate the academic experience and one will surely be noticed by his or her classmates.

With that, here are five picks for which fountain pens are best for students.

Lamy Safari

A great pen for everyday use, don’t let the price tag fool you. At less than $20, you can begin to get the feel of a fountain pen without breaking the budget. It comes in a variety of fun colors and standard nib sizes, while offering a pleasant writing experience. The larger stick-style body of the pen resembles a pencil more, making the transition to fountain pens one that is easier for students.

Otto Hutt design04

A pen with personality, the 04 is Otto Hutt’s extremely versatile pen. It’s an all-metal pen, meaning it has some weight to it, which many people will enjoy once they experience its quality of writing. Not only that, but it has a variety of design options available that add a certain level of personality to the pen that’s not seen in the market at this price point.

Platinum #3776 Century

A classic if ever there was one, the #3776 has a prestige name and traditional barrel design for anyone who is looking to transition this pen from student to post-graduate. The Platinum nib is an exceptionally smooth experience with a wet ink flow, making notetaking a breeze for class.

Sailor 1911L 

Similar to the Platinum above, the Sailor 1911L will be a pen you’ll cherish long after graduation. Its nib has a finer point than the Platinum, but if you are apt to write in the margins of your notebook or to amend papers, this pen will be the perfect companion for notetaking.

Montblanc 146

The true gentleman’s pen, this Montblanc is the most popular of the bunch and that’s for good reason. While it may be for the more pretentious student on the list, we like to think it’s for the student who knows what he’s looking for. 

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