Travelling With Otto Hutt’s New design06

We are breathing a summer air and everything around seems to invite us to go on a getaway: the high temperatures, the searing sun, the colorful outfits, the many outdoor festivals taking place and the enchanting colors of the sunset.

When we plan our trips, we inevitably think of a suitable partner to join us. Usually, the initial thought flies to a person, but there are many exceptions to this rule. It might as well be a book, a diary or a pen, because creativity often does not take a break, being itself a living force, not subject to the constructions of space and time.

To spoil its fans, Otto Hutt has produced a special summer edition to accompany them everywhere on holiday, and we’re talking about the new design06 Orange Gold and Olive Green. Given their summery colors, I’d say they’d be a great fit in various scenarios, but what would they be? Let’s find out together below! 

Perhaps many of you already have a favourite holiday destination or are still thinking about it? We’re already sure where we’re heading and if we look at the vibrant orange of the first model we are straight in Cinque Terre facing the brick-toned façade buildings. We can already imagine wandering through the narrow streets that wind through the maze of lively settlements on the cliffs above the Ligurian Sea. 

There are also hundreds of trails waiting to be explored, not to forget the locals, tasty food and the most interesting sights. How else to keep track of it all than by jotting it all down in a travel diary. That’s why we think these two editions are the perfect choice for such a context. Moreover, if you’re a creative spirit, you can also take along some of Otto Hutt’s recently launched scented inks and draw in a sketchbook. Don’t forget to add a case for your pen, it’s better to keep it safe throughout the journey.

From northern Italy we turn south-east inviting you to explore the picturesque scenery of Greece with design06’s Olive Green – a version inspired by the muted green of the olive trees that spread across the country. 

Believed to be one of the sunniest places in the world, the Hellenic Republic has a rich spiritual and ethnic heritage deeply engraved in its culture. While you’re there, you can enjoy the vitality of the locals translated into traditional dances, you can discover the fascinating stories of the Greek mythology, learn some words of one of the oldest languages which are still in use today, and enjoy the local dishes, as the well known portokalopita, moussaka or the dolmades.  

There are plenty of experiences you can indulge in while you’re in Greece. Perhaps some of them will stick so strongly in your soul that you’ll want to keep them as a memory in your travel diary. Or you’ll want your loved ones to enjoy the breathtaking sights you admired while you were there, and maybe you’ll consider sending them a postcard. So carrying a writing instrument, such as the new design06, could be very useful.

But which one would you choose? The Orange Gold or the Olive Green? Place your finger on the map, take your go-to’s, and start writing your summer story.   

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