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Get Scribbling: The Best Notebooks of 2022 (So Far)

Last year, we provided a list of 5 impressive notebooks for any fountain pen enthusiast. Today, we’re providing an update to that list with a few more options that may be right for you – and any budget.

To own a notebook is to understand what it means to fully see the potential of using a fountain pen. With bad paper, a fountain pen simply doesn’t perform as well. But it’s not just the quality of the paper that’s important, it’s the aesthetics of the notebook, too. 

Having a notebook that is both about form and functionality is a sublime way to enhance one’s writing experience. Whether you’re going for something a bit high-end or a bit fanciful, we’ve got you covered.

Apica CD Notebook

Reminiscent of bygone schooldays, these notebooks have a wonderful vintage feel without any of the pretense. Their stylish covers are a dream when laid on one’s desk, but the real test of a good notebook is its writing performance. The pages, 81 gsm, are smooth and allow for many pens to glide easily over the page. What I particularly like is the slim size of these notebooks. At 28 sheets in sizes A5 – B7, they’re a great daily carrier for any writer on the go.

Delfonics Rollbahn Slim A5 Notebook

I love an A5. I think it’s the perfect size for just about anything. And Delfonics, a cult-favorite for those in the know, has created a notebook that’s a dream for my fountain pens. The Rollbahn looks nearly utilitarian in its design, but its stripped-down look is all part of its appeal. Coming in 12 colors, these slim notebooks can be collected for a variety of uses while adding a bit of subtle brightness to your desk. R

Peg + Awl Foundlings Journals

A personal favorite of mine, Peg + Awl has been creating handmade housewares that one could easily mistake for art. While they may not have the same name recognition as others on this list, that shouldn’t discount one from trying the brand out. These journals, emblazoned with 200-year-old paper from a flea market, are handmade and have the hallmarks of what true artisan craftsmanship can be: a bit of whimsy, personality, and technical know-how all rolled into one.

Blackwing Slate Notebook

You probably know Blackwing for their pencils. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! But the Slate Notebook is equally durable for pen users, too. The Slate Notebook provides an all-in-one user experience for those inclined to carry just one journal around for everyday use. With 160 pages of 100-gsm paper, this is a perfect long-term companion for travelers and office-goers. Not only that, but the added pen loop on the spine is a nice touch in an unorthodox spot. We dig it.

Smythson Soho Notebook

Established in 1887, Smythson has grown to become synonymous with British elegance. In fact, the current Royal Family are customers of Smythson, as was my distant cousin, the 17th Baroness Zouche of Haryngworth. Their Soho journals feature slightly colored paper that’s incredibly lightweight but strong. With a gilded edge and real-leather cover, these journals are as much an investment piece as they are a desk essential.

Pineider Notes Milano Notebook

Pineider has the remarkable ability to remain true to its roots while still being incredibly modern. Perhaps a better way to say it is this: Pineider doesn’t follow trends, but continues to steer the course of fine craftsmanship. Take, for instance, their Milano Notebook. Coming in a vibrant and catchy yellow, the notebook would look just as easily at home in a Tuscan palazzo as it would on my farm in Pennsylvania. With a simple logo and a balanced design, the Milano is a favorite of mine and one I’ll be picking up next week at their new shop at Rockefeller Center while I’m in Manhattan.

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