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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

It’s the time of the year again where people need gifts for their loved ones or for their Business Partner. We hope that despite this complicated 2020 you had the best possible year in your personal life and in your business carreer. Now, we have selected one pen for each type of personality. Enjoy our selection and don’t forget to let us know which one you’re going for…

The Architect

The Architects have surely felt satisfied seeing the clear lines of the Otto Hutt designC designed by Mark Braun. This Limited Edition of 500 pieces is inspired to the Bauhaus style and is the typical example that “less is more”.

You’ll bring this one home for €2500 and will make someone that loves architecture surely a great pleasure.

Read about the designC:

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The Engeneer

Well, Montegrappa has you covered. If you love technology and engineering then you simply can’t miss the Montegrappa F1 Seventy. Carbon Fiber, Titanium for a super lightweight and super technological feeling.

Attention, be fast if you’re looking for this one because there are only 100 Fountain Pens (€ 4750) and 100 Rollerball (€4100) on the Market

Read about the F1 Seventy:

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The Collector

…is surely gonna go for the newest Montblanc Limited Edition. Yes, you’ve read about the new Great Characters Elvis Presley in our last article. The new Edition is eclectic, and we now that eclectic Editions always go Sold Out and often are very loved after years. Therefore it will surely go up in value in the next 5 years. Rollerball priced at €3535 and Fountain Pen at €3880

Read the Elvis Presley:

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The Aristocratic

Is without doubt gonna like the Aurora 100° Anniversario with the Red waved lacquered pattern, the beautiful nib, and the design feeling inspired by the royalty of Turin, the first capital of Italy.

Limited Edition of only 919 and available only as a Fountain Pen (2’180€)

Read about the 100° Anniversario:

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The Beginner

should simply go for a beautiful Sailor 1911L. You want to make sure it writes well? You want to make sure the nib is well made? You want to make sure it doesn’t disappoint you? Well, then definitely look into the Sailor range and you can be pretty convinced that it’s not going to disappoint you at all. There are a large variety of nib grades available from EF to Zoom.

Read more about Sailor:

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The Poser

Will have thought on the new Montegrappa Monopoly. You can already imagine it displayed in his mansion just to show another sick collectable item he has acquired. We’re not judging… we love the more eccentric and the more low profile personalities.

But this Limited Edition Pen that also features the incredible Board Game made of Wood with Sterling Silver icons is surely going to be a Hit for everyone that sees it displayed in your space.

Limited Edition priced depending on the Version at around €4300

Read about the Monopoly:

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The Historian

The new Pen of the Year 2021 of Graf von Faber Castell is called Knights and features a lot of very intricate details about that specific Age. Passionate of History will surely feel attracted by the beauty but also by what it represents.

It’s Limited to only 375 Fountain Pens and 125 Rollerballs Worldwide.

Read about the Knights:

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The Purist

Cannot not go for the Namiki Yukari Royale. It’s the Holy Grail for a lot of passionate collectors or for people that enter the beautiful World of Fine Writing Instruments. We call this often “Sophisticated Simplicity” as it’s a complex hand made Urushi process, but when you look at it the clear proportions and lines are so simple that it’s almost embarassing. And that is exactly what makes it an Oeuvre d’Art. The Namiki Yukari Royale is available in Black Urushi or Vermillion Urushi and runs for ca. €1600

Right now not the easiest Fountain Pen to get due to the large request, but make sure to reserve one at your local dealer.

Read about the Namiki Yukari Royale:

and now what i’m wondering to hear is… which one would you go for?

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