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Hands on the Aurora 100° Anniversario

2019 has marked the 100th year of the legendary italian brand Aurora. The Aurora 100° Anniversario is the newest Limited Edition to celebrate such an extraordinary Goal. To give this Edition some background, we decided to first give you some Background information about the history of Aurora and then share our thoughts about the newest Release.

A Brief Look at the History of Aurora

Aurora was founded in 1919 right after World War I by the jewish-italian politician and entrepreneur Isaia Levi as “Fabbrica Italiana di Penne a Serbatoio – Aurora”. At early stages Aurora was producing only Black Fountain Pens, and it opened up to more colorful styles ca. 1925 and also to a wider european Distribution which led to Aurora expanding their range to a wider Audience.

In 1943, due to a Bomb attack during the War, the factory of Aurora was completely destroyed and had to move from Via della Basilica 9 in the heart of Torino to the Northern part of the city called to Abbadia di Stura, where it still resides today.

This tragic moment also marked a resilient momentum of the brand, when it decided to create the legendary Aurora 88, meant to become the main competitor of the Parker 51. The Aurora 88 sold more than 5 millions unit worldwide and is considered to be the most succesful italian Fountain Pen ever created.

In the 60’s Aurora was acquired by Franco Verona, former employee of the brand, and son of Cesare Verona Sr., a very important entrepreneur that introduced the Remington Typewriter in the italian market.

Unfortunately, just a few weeks ago, on the 19th of September 2020, Franco Verona passed away at the age of 90 and left great memories in the head of its employees, family and any Fountain Pen Aficionado.

Today Aurora is lead with passion and devotion by the son Cesare Verona, which looks at the future of Aurora with the confident security that the brand Aurora has got everything it takes to achieve important results.

Aurora 100° Anniversario

The Aurora 100° Anniversario is a clear inspiration to the regality of the first capital of Italy, Torino.

The cabochon top and the rings are adorned with elegant and royal patterns reminding the beauty of the majestic halls you can find in some of Turins Palaces. The cabochon top and the rings are in 925 Sterling Silver, and so is the grip section of the pen.

You might like it or not, but indeed the Sterling Silver adds and matches the overall feeling of the Edition. The fact that it will get patina over months always gives me a sense of something very connecting between the Pen and its owner

But let’s go to what really hits our eyes. And yes, it’s the deep wave textured red glazed Body and Cap of the 100° Anniversario. Auroras Export Manager Dott.ssa. Linda Di Fonzo confirms that  “producing such an incredible guilloche flamé Body has been a beautiful Nightmare”.

Well, in fact, it doesn’t look like the easiest guilloche enamel work ever done, and we have to give credit to Aurora for making it happen.

Between the Body and the Grip section, you will find a little ink window that will help you define when the moment to fill it up again has come. Indeed one of the most romantic moments we have with our Fountain Pens.

The Manufacture Nib deserves some admiration too. As you might know already, Aurora produces an in-house Nib and that makes each single Aurora an absolute Masterpiece.

For the 100° Anniversario, Aurora decided to go for a Vintage looking Nib, which we know already from the Internazionale Model launched some months ago. In my opinion, the perfect nib to celebrate the 100 year of the brand, and it matches well with the overall feeling of the Edition.

As conclusion, i would say that Aurora is hitting the Market with a bold, eccentric and artistic Edition. One that will probably not make everyone happy, but will surely find a nice range of lovers. What i really appreciate is the fact that Aurora managed to make such a bold color as red, elegant and classy. Therefore, even if red isn’t your favorite color, it’s so beautifully made that it will match any of your outfits and almost every occasion where you’re trying to make a statement.

The Aurora 100° Anniversario is being delivered from this week on, so make sure to visit your local Retailer and discover it in person. It runs for € 2’180 and is Limited to 919 pieces in the world and comes in a beautiful wooden Box with Warranty Card and Certificate.


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