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Homeoffice and fine writing instruments – an overview

With the start of the pandemic one word has acquired a complete different significance: Homeoffice. Since I was travelling a lot during the past 10 years, was always lucky enough to have a dedicated office at home and I clearly remember many friends telling me, that I was crazy to sacrifice an entire room for an “office”. Well times have changed and today we are reviewing 4 different types of office setups and the perfectly matching writing instruments.

When you enter a proper writing instruments boutique, you will surely find a range of desk accessories that will match your style when it comes to writing instruments. And if you want to work efficiently, the right desk equipment is quite important. I’m not saying it’s vital in today’s digital era. But having everything at its place helps certainly with the productivity.

The Modern

Inspired by the Otto Hutt designC, that we have extensively reviewed with Mark Braun, creator of this wonderful piece, we would combine it with an iconic USM table and a wonderful Vitra office chair. The clear, essential, minimalistic lines are incredibly functional and helpful during your daily routines between a call and a coffee. The Otto Hutt designC is in its natural habitat. A clean combination.

The classic

The next combination is a super classic. It’s that classic, that it can be fit in almost every environment. The Giorgetti Mogul desk is a classic designed by Roberto Lazzeroni in 2017 with a very nice glass inlay. As classic as the associated writing instrument. The mighty Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Macassar. A writing instrument of an excellent quality in Macassar wood with a 18ct gold nib and PVD-coated metal parts made of titanium. With the great leather desk accessories of Graf von Faber-Castell the working day will be easier.

The Traditional

Even though, I admit it, this kind of setup requires a properly big room, the traditional desks with leather inlays in the ‘30ies style, are experiencing a comeback as now people are slowly moving toward the countryside and bigger houses. However, if you have the chance to live in a colonial style house, this Le Fablier desk is an absolute must have. The right pen to use if you are lucky enough to have a huge office and a le Fablier Atlas solid wood desk is for sure Aurora Internazionale Green Limited Edition. With its piston filling Mechanism and an astonishing in-house manufactured 18ct gold nib with a Vintage Stamp and the metal trims with the characteristic floral trim it just looks great.

The Alternative

Finally, many colleagues have been surprised by the remote work “obligation” of these days and didn’t had the luck to have a dedicated room for their office. No problem at all. Kartell has the answer to this problem. It’s called Spoon. In fact the spoon line is great to store and with its rounded lines and the folding legs it perfectly fits small rooms once you’re done with your calls and Teams meetings. Solid and with a great design, Kartells Spoon is very close to a beloved writing instrument that, from my point of view, is an absolutely perfect match: The Pelikan M805 Demonstrator Engraved. So cool and modern. The greatest of all Pelikan demonstrator. Even better if engraved in Chinese.

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