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SCRIBO – Scrittura Bolognese – Tradition meets the authentic italian style

Being on my radar for a good period of time, I’m finally glad to introduce to you a relatively young italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments but with a long history behind. SCRIBO – Scrittura Bolognese, as the name suggests, is based in Bologna, a few steps from the famous Piazza Maggiore. In the following, I am going to present to you this unique brand inspired by writing tradition, craftsmanship and true italian style.

When Omas, a historic Bolognese company that has become a cult in the world of fountain pens collectors, ceased its business, some former employees of the company started a new story with a clear goal – to light up the essence of handwriting through the noblest writing instrument, the fountain pen. Regarding the name, you should know that SCRIBO comes from Scrittura Bolognese, meaning “Bolognese writing” – something that has already become a cult for everyone in the company…

Despite the nibs come from Germany where the former Omas tooling purchased by SCRIBO were located, they are engraved in Bologna and plated in Italy, in the gold district. Some of the fountain pens components are handcrafted at local suppliers where Control Quality is supervised by SCRIBO’s employees. Apart from that, the design and all the other production processes, as well as the testing procedure of every single fountain pen that is launched on the market, are managed at SCRIBO’s studio.

Since the production capability of SCRIBO is very limited, every collection is made up of 219 pieces only. This number represents the date “21/9” of SCRIBO’s foundation, in 2016. As expected, every new collection is normally sold out in a few weeks after is launched. So far, the company has created two collections: one that was launched in 2018 as a flagship collection and it’s called FEEL and a recently released one called PIUMA. Also, the company has in its portfolio 13 inks in stackable 90 ml bottles and two fantastic special and limited editions: PITTURA and LETTERATURA – real pieces of art.

When it comes to design and manufacturing, it’s clear that every fountain pen is a masterpiece from all points of view. Combining the long tradition, style and craftsmanship, each writing instrument that results embodies uniqueness and excellence not only in shape but also in functionality. SCRIBO is a manufacturer that uses the artisanal heritage to create fountain pens as they were made in the past.

They also believe that making a great fountain pen only with the highest-quality materials is not enough and you have to pay attention also to the assembly process. So, that’s why they think that wise hands that know how to assemble each piece are mandatory for a perfect result. Completely handmade at every component working step, each SCRIBO fountain pen is made by more than 50 different micro and macro components for each collection, altogether making a complex yet unique writing instrument.

Among the most valuable parts of a SCRIBO fountain pen, is the nib. As the manufacturer claims, it is the heart of every fountain pen created by them. In terms of sizes, the company provides 12 different nib sizes, 8 in 18kt gold and 4 in 14kt gold Flexible nibs. An important fact that has to be mentioned is the one that SCRIBO makes nibs in gold only. Thanks to the fantastic features of the gold nib as elasticity, mechanical memory and softness, every fountain pen writing quality is taken beyond the limits. To accompany its nibs, SCRIBO uses ebonite feeders which well adapts its shape to the nib design and allows a perfect ink flow from the tank to the nib tip.

In terms of prices, a fountain pen from the FEEL collection has a starting price of 581 EUR while a model from the PIUMA collection starts from 459 EUR. 


With a strong belief that writing is the noblest activity that shapes our thoughts and with a deep respect for the art of handwriting, SCRIBO is dedicating to offering the best fountain pens that evoke a specific Italian nonchalance combined with endless beauty.


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