Sailor King of Pen – Writing with the Katana of a Samurai

When i think of an unbeatable writer, then i suddenly think of the Sailor King of Pen. Surely, for the writing experience it delivers and the majestic Nib, it really is one of the Kings of this Industry. I often say “it’s like writing with the Katana of a Samurai”. Nevertheless, there is some place for improvement. Let’s discover this iconic model together.

The Sailor King of Pen has acquired quite an importance into the Market of fine Writing Instruments due to the extremely satisfying and smooth writing experience it delivers. The King of Pen features an oversize Nib, with quite a stunning flexibility and as i mentioned above i often refer to it as “writing with the Katana of a Samurai”. So, doesn’t matter if you’re looking for smoothness, ink flow, precision or flexibility, the King of Pen has the right amount of all these attributes. That is probably also the reason why you can never go wrong with a KoP.

One of the most appreciated King of Pen Model was the Ebonite version with Rhodium or Gold Plated Metal Trims but unfortunately this model has been discontinued around one year ago due to severe difficulties in finding an adequate raw material. Requests are still very high for the Ebonite version, and we really hope that Sailor will find a solution in order to bring it back into the Market.

But let’s see what Sailor currently offers in the King of Pen Size.

At the moment, if you’re looking for a KoP you’ll most probably have to go for a black Precious Resin one. It usually comes as a Professional Gear design or a 1911 design, both with Rhodium or Gold plated metal trims. The King of Pen is also produced as a Demonstrator Model, only with Rhodium Plated trims. The Nib itself is produced only in Medium or Broad and you can fill it up using the Sailor Cartridges or Converter.

Now, if you would like to experience the KoP Nib but also want a bit more than just a precious resin body, then you’ll have to look out for the the Special or Limited Edition Sailor creates every once in a while.

One of the most stunning one has surely been the Tamenuri Limited Edition. Sailor has released one Edition each year in the last three years. Obviously, being Limited to only 88 pieces, this Edition is always Sold Out very fast.

Another cool one released a few months ago, and also, sold out is the Special Edition called Midnight Sky. A dark blue version of a Professional Gear King of Pen which has a nice look that differs from the regular black version.

There is also the option to go for one of the colorful Urushi Lacquered KoP’s. I personally find the a bit too expensive compared to a Namiki Yukari Royale, but if you’re desperately looking for a fancy version, then you almost have to go for the Urushi one… in that case why not directly the Lilac one.

I’ve also seen some cool colored resins in the American Market and those always fascinate me, even if at the end of the day, we’re always talking about the exact same pen, but in different colors.

Now, i have to be sincere and a bit critical too. While i think the KoP is a must-have Fountain Pen, i also think that there is room for improvement.

A pen isn’t premium only because it is a smooth writer. There is more behind it, like: Materialization, Engineering and Design. While the Ebonite was probably one of the most exciting Models of the series, featuring a material with certain kind of properties, the precious resin models are pretty basic. Once you have one, you would like to step up the Game and you simply can’t.

The other thing that i think needs improvement is the Filling Mechanism. The King of Pen deserves a Piston Filling Mechanism, best with an Ink Window, that can hold up more Ink than the converter actually can. That would give to the Demonstrator also a whole new Life.

There is also Room to have more options of Nib Sizes. EF, BB, MS, Zoom. This would definitely make it impossible not to go for a King of Pen right away, without even considering everything else there in to the Market.

One more thing is that i would really like to feel a bit more of weight, already on the precious resin models. I know this might be a matter of taste, but weight usually delivers a certain feeling to an item, as long as it is adequately balanced and proportioned. Maybe an internal part of Solid  Brass on the Barrel and Cap would enhance the solidity of the Pen, and give it the right amount of weight.

As a conclusion, i’m looking to get myself a KoP this or next month and if you’re looking for a pen that won’t disappoint you in everyday situations, or if you’re looking for a beautiful and powerful nib, then the King of Pen is definitely a way to go.

We just hope that in the near future we’ll have the chance to see some developments into this collection and therefore make it even more desirable than it already is today. 

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