Illustrator Kera Till Explores New Artistic Horizons With Graf Von Faber-Castell Ink Range

Kera Till is a highly skilled and versatile artist known for her captivating and imaginative creations. With a strong dedication to her craft, Till has worked in variety of media, resulting in unique and thought-provoking works that range from stationery to T-shirts and everything in between. With an emphasis on the glamour of the everyday, Till has fans across a variety of luxury brands, including Hermès, Ladurée, and Vogue. And, of course, Graf von Faber-Castell.

Kera Till was tapped by the German penmaker to collaborate on an artistic project which captures the essence of Graf von Faber-Castell’s craftsmanship while showcasing the talents of the artist herself. The result is a beautiful rendition of an inkwell, surrounded by swirling, watercolor-like patterns. In essence, it’s the culmination of a longtime partnership between the two.

What Till accomplished is not a simple ink painting, but an interpretation of the limitless possibilities that exist with ink. While most people limit ink to simply writing, Till has used the medium to create a vibrant illustration that surely captures the imagination of all those who love to write, draw, and create. With the light-proof and document-proof qualities of Faber-Castell inks, we can surely expect this illustration to stay as vibrant for years to come.

Partnerships like this show us how important creative marketing and longlasting partnerships can be for the pen industry. While many companies look only to the profitability of their campaigns (and, because of this, lean into conservative marketing practices), other brands are seeing the opportunity to “think outside the page” and let their collaborators do what they do best: create. Make art. And celebrate beauty any way they can.

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