Naginata Togi Ebonite ‘SEKKEI’ is the Perfect Companion for Winter

Sailor’s production history has always been closely connected to the natural world. We saw this in previous iterations of designs, including those dedicated to the Aurora Borealis and the Ryokko last year. With its Japanese heritage and philosophy to living among nature and not in opposition to it, Sailor has been able to mine an endless source of inspiration from the world we live in.

Take, for instance, their latest pen, the ebonite SEKKEI Snowy Muko-jima. Inspired by the works of late Japanese printmaker and artist, Hasui Kawase, Sailor created a pen that celebrates the beauty of wintertime. Kawase’s work depicted various calming scenes of snowy serenity and the Sailor Naginata Togi Ebonite SEKKEI brings that spirit into their latest construction.

The model is designed to look like a snowy landscape and is done by layers of ebonite to create this vibrant look. This technique once again shows Sailor as the masters of their form and craftsmanship, without sacrificing artisanal skills for easier and less labor-intensive factory options. One is able to feel the quality and dedication to art that Sailor imbues in their work.

One cannot exclude the naginata togi from this discussion either. As we know, Sailor’s nibs are some of the best quality in the world, thanks to the Japanese market’s interest in house-made nibs. This specific grind offers line variable line width depending on the angle of the pen to the paper – the lower the angle, the broader the line. It’s perfect to adding a bit of fun to your writing.

This pen is available worldwide now for €1,915 at retailers in Europe. For more information ask your local suppliers or contact Sailor at [email protected] 

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  1. Gihan Zohdy

    I have personal experience with the Naginata Togi nib and it is pure joy to use. Because of my heavy sketchbooks whose paper is not normally as smooth as that meant only for writing the Naginata Togi nibs works so well. I can thicken or thin my handwriting as need be without searching for another pen at any given moment. And besides all these it writes like a dream.

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