Introducing the Caran d’Ache Varius Trophy Limited Edition – A must-have for Golf enthusiasts?

The latest addition to the emblematic Varius series, the Trophy Limited Edition, portrayed by Caran d’Ache as a subtle reinterpretation of the world of golf, has just been released and we will discover it together in today’s article. 

This isn’t the first time the Swiss brand has used leather on their pens, and if you remember the Peter Marino-inspired Varius editions, you know exactly what I mean. Well, this edition is inspired by the noble world of golf, and you’ve probably noticed the fine details reminiscent of the ventilated gloves or the dimples of golf balls, for example. 

We are not at all surprised by Caran d’Ache’s creative spirit and we are delighted to see such an interesting interplay of materials and textures, done in the most refined way. In fact, the whole manufacturing process is very meticulous, artisans assembling each pen by hand paying attention to the smallest details. 

But long before a pen is assembled, the leather is selected and must be of the highest quality, something the brand never compromises on. Once selected, it undergoes a cutting and perforating process and is then attached by hand to the body of each pen. The next step is done only after prior inspection to avoid imperfections. Before fitting the other elements, the leather is hand stitched following the traditional techniques. To give you the full picture, we have provided a link below where you can watch the entire assembly process.

The design is not the only forte of this edition, and given the materials used, we firmly believe that each pen offers a very comfortable writing experience. Limited to only 336 copies worldwide (a reference to the number of dimples on a golf ball) the edition is offered as a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen and is sure to delight many golf enthusiasts and collectors alike. The fountain pen comes equipped with the already iconic rhodium-plated 18k gold nib available in medium (other nib sizes are available, but only on request) – a detail you should consider if you have other size preferences.

It’s also worth mentioning that each pen is accompanied by a midnight blue leather pouch, all placed in a special box of the same colour. 

Fountain Pen: EUR 1500
Rollerball Pen: EUR 1300
Ballpoint Pen: EUR 1100

Fountain Pen: 136.3mm (cap closed)
Rollerball Pen: 136.3mm (cap closed)
Ballpoint Pen: 135.1mm (cap closed)

Fountain Pen
Nib: rhodium-coated 18k gold in M (other nib sizes on request)
Filling mechanism: cartridge or converter

Rollerball Pen
Filling mechanism: rollerball ink cartridges

Ballpoint Pen
Filling mechanism: Goliath ink cartridge (providing up to 6000 A4 pages of writing)


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