Short summary of Sailor Wabi Sabi 1st – What’s next?

After the first Wabi Sabi edition captured the imagination of so many enthusiasts and collectors with its extraordinary design and imperfect details, Sailor is rumoured to be preparing a second Wabi Sabi edition.  

While there is no information yet on what the new edition will look like, we expect it to be at least as interesting and unique as the first. Until we come to you with news about the new Wabi Sabi, let’s take a quick look back at the first edition.

From the very first contact, we knew we were not dealing with an ordinary edition and considering the atypical design, you also probably wondered what inspired Sailor to release such an “imperfect” fountain pen.

Well, the philosophy behind it is a Japanese concept that focuses on the idea of finding beauty in imperfection. Even if this edition may have given you the impression of something unfinished, at a closer look you’ll understand that many hours and great attention to detail went into making this unique pattern. In fact, the whole process was done exclusively by hand, following a technique called “Irogasane Sabinuri”, developed by Urushi artist Wayo Shimamori. 

Made on an ebonite body, this unique finish is developed through multiple processes of painting, drying, and polishing, until, in the final stage, a relief pattern is obtained. (see the picture below)

Being so laborious, it’s pretty clear why this limited edition was created in only 88 pieces of each color (red and green) worldwide. As expected, all the pieces are almost sold out around the world, as every collector wanted a piece of “imperfection.”

Now, who’s looking forward to the second edition of Wabi Sabi?

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