Introducing the New Sailor Wabi Sabi II

Last month, we had a feeling that a new Wabi Sabi pen from Sailor was on the horizon. It looks like our instincts were correct, as Sailor has just announced the Wabi Sabi II, the latest in the line of “imperfect” – yet seriously gorgeous – pens.

As you may remember, Wabi Sabi is the Japanese principle of embracing the imperfections of life. Coupling Sailor’s supreme craftsmanship and describing anything they do as less-than-perfect may seem like a contradiction, but it’s most definitely not. The philosophy of Wabi Sabi is the contradiction between convention and the absurd realism of our daily lives. Sailor’s Wabi Sabi II is a brilliant real world example of this tension between ideal and the flawed.

Now, let’s be clear, we’re not saying the Wabi Sabi collection is flawed. But it is a departure from the sleek silhouettes of the majority of Sailor’s King of Pens lineup. Here, we have the same lacquering technique as the last one, called “Irogasane Sabinuri” (which means color stacking), giving it the rich, mottled appearance over an ebonite base.

With only 88 pens in either green or red, these pens will be a continuation of the collectors’ dream pen that was brought forth first by the original KOP Wabi Sabi. Available in either a Medium or Broad 21k nib, this is a powerhouse pen that’s equal parts beauty and principle – but what else could you expect from Sailor?

To get your hands on one, get in touch with your local retailers. 

Material: Ebonite
Urushi technique: Irogasane Sabinuri
Nib widths: Medium or Broad
Size: 153.5 mm
Nib material 21k gold with gold plating

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